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    City of Kenosha

    Excerpt from City of Kenosha Municipal Code

    Chapter XXXVI- Post-Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance

    36.10- Maintenance

    A. Maintenance Agreement Required. The Maintenance Agreement required under Subsection 36.08.B. for stormwater management practices shall be an agreement between the City and the responsible party to provide for maintenance of stormwater practices beyond the duration period of this permit. The Maintenance Agreement shall be filed with the Kenosha County Register of Deeds as a property deed restriction so that it is binding upon all subsequent owners of the land served by the stormwater management practices.

    B. Agreement Provisions. The Maintenance Agreement shall contain the following information and provisions, and be consistent with the Maintenance Plan required by Subsection 36.09:

    1. Identification of the stormwater facilities and designation of the drainage area served by the facilities.
    2. A schedule for regular maintenance of each aspect of the Stormwater Management System consistent with the Stormwater Management Plan required under Subsection 36.08.B.
    3. Identification of the responsible party(ies), organization or government responsible for long-term maintenance of the stormwater management practices identified in the Stormwater Management Plan required under Subsection 36.08.B.
    4. Requirement that the responsible party(ies), organization or government shall maintain stormwater management practices in accordance with the schedule included in Paragraph 2.

    C. Maintenance of Stormwater Facilities. The responsible party shall maintain stormwater facilities in accordance with standards identified in the City of Kenosha Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance Criteria as developed and revised by the Director of Public Works, or his/her designee, and on file in the City Engineer's Office.

    City of Kenosha

    The streets, inlets, detention basins and storm sewers within the City collect stormwater and convey it directly into our waterways. Stormwater is NOT treated like the sanitary sewer system. The stormwater conveyance system consists of various components, including curb and gutter, catch basins, culverts, storm sewers, ditches and various City-owned detention facilities. The maintenance and operation of this system is provided by the Stormwater Utility, and benefits all properties within the City. The costs of these services are funded by a user fee listed on your Kenosha Water Utility bill.

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