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    ROOT FOR NATURE Corporate Impact

    What is the buzz about pollinators? Pollinators like bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other insects and mammals are responsible for aiding in the pollination of the food we eat including fruits and vegetables. But pollinators are extremely at risk. Populations of pollinator species are declining rapidly due to urban development, use of chemicals and pesticides and climate change. However, we can make a difference. With AQUALIS’ ROOT FOR NATURE program multi-site organizations can assist pollinator species by providing essential habitats in their stormwater systems that encourage pollination and diverse species support.

    Large multi-site facilities including big box retailers are adopting pollinator gardens as part of their green space in their stormwater basins to assist in the pollinator “highway” and act as “pitstops” for pollinators across local regions and the United States.

    How Do Multi-site Business Contribute To The Pollinator Highway?

    The pollinator highway is a concept designed to provide pollinator habitats in the form of small or large-scale gardens with native pollinating plants in dense regional areas. Imagine a commercial business that provides local services or goods in a region with 20 sites, if each of these sites implemented a pollinator garden they would impact thousands of pollinators by providing multiple locations for pollinators to pollinate, rest and then move on to the next garden. According to the United States Forest Services, the monarch butterfly can travels 50 to 100 miles per day during migration and ensuring that this species has pollination support regionally supports the pollination protection efforts.  Imagine if a top retailer did the same, these “pitstops” locally provide the habitats to encourage pollination, aid in local agricultural development and inspire generations to enact their own pollinator garden.

    Inspiring Change in Communities

    The secondary impacts to pollinator gardens are immense. Installed ROOT FOR NATURE pollinator gardens has inspired hundreds of residential pollinator gardens due to their aesthetically pleasing nature coupled with the educational signage. Pollinator gardens provide your business with environmental sustainability efforts to support your efforts in corporate environmental responsibility and the ability to educate the community, customers, clients, vendors, suppliers and employees on how your investment is contributing to a better ecosystem.

    Embracing Corporate Sustainability with ROOT FOR NATURE

    AQUALIS supports water management for single-site and multi-site properties across the United States. If you have an existing stormwater management program with AQUALIS or looking to implement a preventative stormwater or lift station program, AQUALIS can also help you develop a pollinator garden on your property with the perfected native plant mix that will allow for blooming and pollination all year long. If you are interested in contributing to your organization’s environmental corporate sustainability, contact us today!

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