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    Integrated Site Design Services

    It is estimated 70% of people will live in Urban areas by 2050. As urban development increases, as do impermeable surfaces that restrict stormwater from returning to the ground. The excess of stormwater is carried through our roads and parking lots, picking up pollutants.

    Integrated site design focuses on creating holistic infrastructure that goes beyond landscaping to best serve the local ecosystem. Intentional integrations range from traditional grey infrastructure, green stormwater infrastructure, low impact development, regenerative stormwater conveyance and thoughtful vegetation. These stormwater systems are intended to mimic naturally occurring process of infiltration in urban areas where it is uncommon.

    AQUALIS specializes in integrating appropriate stormwater control measures in an aesthetic and functional manner.

    Integrated site design is meant to combat pollution and excessive volumes of stormwater through replenishing naturally occurring bushes, grasses, trees, and root systems. Creating these spaces of vegetation allows the volume of stormwater to decrease and naturally filters out pollutants. The EPA, through the Clean Water Act establishes the need for these spaces across the nation. Local regulations of the implementation of these spaces fluctuate, and they can look vastly different based on region and climate.

    Partnering with a nationwide provider like AQUALIS, guarantees your property design will align with federal, state and local regulations.



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