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    Lift Station Repairs

    Even with maintenance, age, unexpected events, or the extreme pressure and corrosive environment can cause unavoidable repairs to wastewater lift stations. In the event a pump requires immediate repairs, AQUALIS understands the importance of time. If a failure occurs, wastewater is forced to collect in the wet well. If the well fills, backups can begin within the collection system itself leading to intense repair requirements as well as possible customer and employee safety concerns.

    Sanitary lift station wastewater must be dealt with promptly by a certified professional. Our 24-hour emergency service team can get experts on site any time a system requires immediate attention.


    Efficient + Cost Effective Pump Repair

    Lift stations are prone to various issues that can cause unpleasant odors, back-ups, and flooding that can cause damage to properties.

    Common Issues Requiring Lift Station Repairs:

    • Damaged electrical plant
    • Detected leaks
    • Pump failure
    • Float operated, transducer, or FOG-rod operated and obvious equipment malfunction
    • Damaged guide rail system
    • Damaged discharge piping and check valves
    • Malfunctioning lighting system-level controls

    If non-immediate repairs are required, AQUALIS can work with property managers to determine the appropriate and cost-effective option. Our unique set of skills, tailored equipment, and vast knowledge allows AQUALIS to bring the best services every time.

    If your wastewater lift station is clogged due to grease, debris, or other buildups, AQUALIS Vacuum and Jetting services can help clear your system.

    We can restore or rehabilitate your system to optimal performance.

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