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    Receive an NOV?

    If you’ve received a letter of non-compliance or a notice of violation (NOV), it’s important for you to respond immediately and properly. The best way to do that is by partnering with an expert in stormwater rules, regulations, and regulatory response — a partner like AQUALIS.

    What to Do

    The EPA, state, and local governments can issue NOVs for violations of the Clean Water Act or other legislation. Local city and county governments may issue an NOV following a complaint or inspection by a regulatory official. In either case, you’ll want to act quickly but thoughtfully, starting with the following:

    • Read the notice carefully. If there’s anything you don’t understand, or if you believe some aspect is incorrect, contact a stormwater management company for clarification and assistance.
    • Prevent further immediate damage by taking necessary corrective measures (e.g., repair the leak or remove excessive vegetation), even if it’s only an interim solution before a more complete response.

    The next steps depend on your understanding of the NOV and what it will take to fix it:

    • If you fully understand the reasoning for receiving the NOV, the impact, and the necessary corrective actions, then respond to the NOV and regulatory body in writing. Explain the cause, how you plan to clean up the damage and your timeline for doing so, any interim steps you’ve taken, and the full extent of the permanent corrective measures to be taken to prevent future violations.
    • If you fully understand the NOV but believe it is unwarranted, you can appeal the violation as detailed in the notice.
    • If there’s anything you don’t fully understand, seek the advice of a professional stormwater management company who can help you understand and fix the cause of the violation.

    How We Can Help

    Most regulatory bodies do not issue NOVs without cause, and if the issue is serious enough to warrant an NOV, an immediate and professional response will be required.

    Fortunately, a quick and comprehensive response can help you and your business limit — and in some cases, completely avoid — costly fines and fees. Our experts will assess the site, develop a plan, and manage the NOV process to minimize environmental liability and prevent future non-compliance.

    How to Handle a Stormwater NOV

    Learn more about how to handle a stormwater NOV and what steps to take to ensure you avoid costly fines in the future in this educational whitepaper.



      We can help you handle an NOV, quickly and professionally.