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    Emergency Response

    If you’re in need of emergency services, don’t hesitate to contact us now. Call 855.916.3960 immediately. A natural disaster, such as a hurricane or flood, sudden chemical, fuel, or material spill. Even something as minor as a leaking dumpster or compactor. These hazards and more can quickly reach a stormwater system — sometimes in seconds — and can be extremely harmful to the environment. But with an immediate and proper emergency response and help from AQUALIS, you can minimize environmental harm and avoid potential liability.

    Planning + Prevention

    An effective stormwater management program will assess the potential risks for spills at your site, prepares a spill prevention plan, and creates contingencies for a quick and appropriate emergency response in the event of a spill. As a property owner, it is critical to have an emergency response plan in place. Without it, the harmful effects of the spill can significantly impact your SCM investment, your business, and the environment in minutes.

    Immediate Response

    Our emergency response team is readily available. Call 855.916.3960 for immediate assistance. Every moment you wait risks further damage to the environment and your SCM or lift station, and puts you at risk for being held liable for those damages. We can help you with the proper response procedures that will minimize impact to the environment and follow proper regulatory communication protocols.

    For an emergency spill response, call on AQUALIS immediately.

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