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    Lift Station Inspection

    Wastewater lift station inspections are important to ensure systems are operating within government regulation. Failure to do so could result in a health code violation and hefty fines.

    Certified Wastewater Lift Station Inspections

    Lift station inspection requirements differ depending on location, function, size, and regulation. While some only require an annual inspection, others should be examined weekly.  Due to the complexity and possible safety risk, a qualified inspector is required to ensure systems are in proper operating condition. AQUALIS is proud to be JWC Environmental Industrial Technician and JWC Muffin Monster Grinder maintenance and repair certified. If you need a certified stormwater or sanitary lift station inspector, reach out to AQUALIS today!

    The typical inspection process includes:

    • Inspection of interior and exterior area
    • Complete electrical inspection
      • Voltage and amperage documented
    • Pull pumps and remove any debris
    • Wet well pumped down and sludge removed from the bottom
      • Sidewalls, bottom, and all interior to be cleaned of sludge, grease, and debris
    • Confirm security of panel and site
    • All deficiencies reported with 24 hours of discovery and noted on an inspection form

    Ensure your system remains within compliance with AQUALIS wastewater lift station inspection services.

    Learn more about our wastewater lift station inspections or request a consultation.

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