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    Water resource management demands action. No industry or business is exempt from increasingly stringent federal, state, and local regulations for water resource management. When it comes to stormwater it all depends on the category of the facility that’s subject to stormwater regulations — construction site, industrial site, or municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4) — the type of inspection the EPA conducts will be specific to your operation. For lift stations or pumps, local municipalities can require monthly inspections or maintenance depending on the type of facility or operations. Ensuring a partnership with a trusted vendor that understands the local, state, and federal requirements of your location strengthen environmental stewardship, prevents ecological disasters, and protects your property’s assets from potential failures.

    Across the country, AQUALIS helps a wide variety of customers with their water management needs for stormwater management, wastewater management, water testing and lift stations, including national retailers, logistics providers, engineering firms, hospitals, educational and industrial facilities, real estate management companies, distribution centers, municipalities, commercial property owners and airports.

    Additionally, we have strong relationships with regulators across the country and can act as your representative to help mitigate any issues that have been brought forth and prevent in the future. With key self-performing crews across the U.S., AQUALIS provides localized expertise on a national scale.

    Markets We Serve



    National and regional retailers

    Preventing flooding and sinkholes in loading docks and parking lots

    Cleaning out trash and debris; removing sediment, the largest stormwater asset pollutant

    Supporting environmental stewardship efforts and promoting positive press coverage

    Ensuring proper function of sanitation systems to reduce smell, downtime and business interruption

    Servicing back-ups due to improper disposal of non-flushable products

    Propose ROI grinder installations to increase the life-span of lift station assets

    Reducing emergency services for wastewater back-ups that impact store hours and customers



    Wide range of businesses in the industrial sector

    Providing assistance with regulator inspections and monitoring reports, which include reviewing stormwater permits, and stormwater records and reports; interviewing personnel knowledgeable of the SWPPP or SWMP and facility operations; reviewing and observing best management practices and control measures in place; and sampling stormwater discharges if appropriate

    Reviewing components of lift station systems to reduce emergency visits; ensuring compliance for localized regulations; providing environmental stewardship to reduce wastewater spills and overflows

    Designing and implementing sustainable infrastructure that mimics and enhances naturally occurring processes like filtration and integration



    Distribution centers, commercial property owners, GCs, and engineers

    Providing assistance with regulator inspections, which include reviewing stormwater permit, stormwater records and reports; interviewing personnel knowledgeable of the SWPPP or SWMP and facility operations; participating in the pre-NOT inspection; reviewing and observing best management practices and control measures in place; and sampling stormwater discharges if appropriate

    Partnering during construction to consult, inspect, and conduct preventative maintenance

    Offering post-construction preventative maintenance for stormwater and lift stations to remain compliant throughout building’s lifespan

    Assisting with turnover inspections to ensure systems were constructed per design

    Providing inspection and documentation, corrective action tracking, regulatory compliance and submissions, bond release inspections

    Supply rehabilitation and repair services for lift station and pump assets to increase the life span of systems



    Cities, counties, highway systems, and more

    Assisting with MS4 audits designed to provide a comprehensive review of primary facets of the stormwater management program, including control of illicit discharges, discharges from construction sites (active and post-construction), discharges from industrial facilities, implementation of pollution prevention/good housekeeping practices, and involvement of and outreach to the public

    Providing post-construction preventative maintenance that can help keep municipalities compliant and set expectations for others

    Assessing lift station and pump assets for rehabilitation or repair to ensure asset longevity

    Redesigning outdoor environments that foster education while managing stormwater



    Local and regional hospitals, as well as local, regional, and national senior living centers

    Providing preventative maintenance and corrective action repairs for stormwater and lift stations

    Facilitate communication with local governing bodies, navigating any issues

    Appropriately address back-ups due to PPE or non-flushable items with grinder installations to reduce downtime and backups

    Offering emergency response




    A variety of educational institutions, from K–12 to universities, public and private

    Offering unique experience and expertise through longtime partnerships with schools and universities

    Providing preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance for stormwater management and lift station management

    Designing multi-use outdoor spaces that provide education and function for property needs


    Real Estate

    National, regional, and local commercial real estate and property management companies

    Serving strip malls, malls, commercial properties, multifamily housing, office space, logistics real estate

    Offering assistance at all levels, whether managed locally, regionally, or nationally

    Providing preventative maintenance to reduce the chances of parking lot and loading dock flooding

    Supplying preventative wastewater maintenance to diminish sewage backups and overflows that impact clients

    Offering nationwide services for multi-sites for cohesive services and reporting consistency

    Delivering inspection and repair services for parking lot assets to reduce the risk of customer injury

    Keeping stormwater assets compliant to regulations established by EPA as well as local, county, and state laws

    Removing trash and debris, sediment, invasive species and animal control; managing vegetation, cleaning systems, and replacing when needed



    Large international airports to small regional airports and private locations

    Maintaining stormwater assets in an effort to keep from flooding and keep runways efficient and safe

    Designing stormwater conveyance systems in floodplains

    Communicating with local municipality on client’s behalf


    HOA & Multifamily

    Ensuring maintenance of private stormwater systems

    Performing regular inspections required by NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) regulations

    Performing preventative maintenance throughout the year to ensure compliance for stormwater and lift station

    Assisting in diminishing smells, backups and interruption of services to residents

    Helping to prevent flooding, potholes, sinkholes



    Ensuring proper environmental compliance within farming practices

    Building and maintaining retention ponds for animal waste

    Comply with local, state, and federal requirements

    Regulate the temperatures and pH levels of an existing hog or poultry retention pond

    Managing stormwater credits

    Stormwater Management 101

    Find out more about what it takes to manage your stormwater with this educational and informative whitepaper.



      Whatever your industry, we can help with your water management needs.