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    SWMP/SWMPMA Development and Recertification

    Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) or Storm Water Management Practice Maintenance Agreement (SWMPMA) Development

    For developments requiring a SWMP or SWMPMA, AQUALIS offers engineering and document production, in states where we are licensed, that is site specific for the client. Knowing that each development presents different challenges to follow stormwater management regulations, AQUALIS listens to client needs and expectations incorporating their insight into a solution. When developing the plan, we also take maintenance into consideration knowing that the municipalities have an annual or 5-year recertification process ensuring the functionality of the designed infrastructure. This helps inform the client of annual maintenance costs to include in their maintenance budget. Through conversations with the client and municipality, we deliver documentation that meets the requirements for both stormwater quantity and quality management while exceeding client expectations.

    SWMP Recertification and SWMPMA Certification

    Communities with SWMP and SWMPMA requirements for individual properties also require ongoing maintenance of the components listed on the plan, periodic inspection, and recertification from a licensed professional engineer. AQUALIS has the expertise and knowledge to conduct the needed on-site inspections and assessments and work with the client to ensure the requirements of the approved documentation are being met. AQUALIS professionals can identify any deficiencies in the ongoing maintenance and offer the client suggestions as to how to better maintain their stormwater facilities. We have developed stormwater maintenance best practice guides for many clients; taking some of the mystery out of how the devices work, and the best way to keep them working as designed. Once any maintenance work is completed, AQUALIS personnel will complete the recertification process in a timely manner to meet all required deadlines from the community. AQUALIS can also work with the community and the client to answer any questions and reach a better understanding of regulations and maintenance requirements to ultimately improve the built environment.  We provide these services on an as-needed basis, but recommend an annual maintenance agreement, allowing our engineers to perform brief inspections annually so that no surprises arise in the recertification point at 5-years.

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