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    Water Quality Testing

    AQUALIS facilitates water quality analysis and testing services to commercial and retail properties, as well as restaurant establishments with ground water systems. Currently servicing over 600 sites, AQUALIS offers testing to meet a variety of federal, state and local bacteriological compliance standards as well as site-specific requirements. From sampling to solutions, AQUALIS’ comprehensive and responsive drinking water compliance team offers complete system documentation to ensure total compliance and root-cause analysis.

    Drinking Water Compliance

    Any source designated as a public water system is liable for drinking water quality testing, with each location being responsible for the quality of water at their site. To ensure the safety of private groundwater systems, establishments must obtain routine Certificates of Potability or monthly/quarterly reports from the state or local Department of Environmental Health.

    Working with regional state-certified labs, AQUALIS’ water quality services offer monthly, quarterly or annual testing to meet local regulations. AQUALIS has test capabilities for chemical and microbial contaminants including:

    • Total Coliform
    • E. coli
    • Nitrate/Nitrite
    • Iron
    • Manganese
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
    • Turbidity

    Surface Water Testing

    Surface water includes rivers, lakes, wetlands, streams and bodies of water that function as a source of fresh water. Surface water is often tested for contaminants before being treated to becoming potable drinking water. If pollutants are found, they will be traced back to the original source or location where the owner will be held liable for remediation.

    Many municipalities also require quarterly inspections of stormwater discharges or outfalls. Frequency of inspection varies depending on the industrial activity occurring onsite. Water quality testing involves taking samples of the water from a stormwater system to be inspected for pollutants inside a laboratory. Testing reduces the pollutants entering public waterways as the sources are identified and eliminated.

    If your property is found to have high levels of nutrients, you may be at risk of a Notice of Violation (NOV). A common cause of water quality NOVs is illicit discharges. An illicit discharge is the disposal of any substance other than stormwater into a stormwater system. This could be a connection to wastewater systems, greywater, liquid wastes or tap water. Any water discharging from stormwater pipes in a dry period is referred to as “dry flow”. If the dry flow originates on your property, you can be held liable to remediate the discharge.

    As a property owner, you can visually inspect the water leaving your site to stay ahead of violations. After or during major rain events, visually inspect the stormwater for floatables, foam, oils or abnormal coloring as these are signs of pollutants. If any of these properties are present in the water on your property, call water testing professionals for a full diagnosis

    AQUALIS water quality assessments

    To ensure accurate testing, AQUALIS follows a stringent pre-testing protocol to ensure proper reporting of concentrations and relevant Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) or Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level (MRDLs), offering testing services including:

    • Proactive testing: Recommended after heavy rain or flooding events, particularly if there is on-site septic as moving groundwater increases the likelihood of contamination
    • Routine Testing: AQUALIS is dedicated to efficient and accurate water quality testing to meet all regulatory requirements
    • Investigative report: Investigative sampling taken within 24/hours of a positive test to verify a true positive
    • Investigative Testing: Confirm treatment has corrected concerns by re-testing the site one month after the initial positive
    • Continued testing as required by the Department of Environmental Health

    AQUALIS water quality solutions

    If routine testing shows a positive test, AQUALIS repeats testing within 24/hours to confirm a correct diagnosis. If a positive test is confirmed, AQUALIS offers treatment techniques including:

    • Well Chlorination
    • System Flushing
    • System Investigation & Root-Cause Identification
    • Ultraviolet Disinfection Treatment

    AQUALIS works with state and local health departments to coordinate the installation of recommended treatment based on testing results. As part of continued treatment, AQUALIS maintains water quality systems including filters, chlorination and UV systems, and softener system maintenance.

    Partner with AQUALIS and ensure your water systems are operating within compliance and protecting your local community.

    Verify your water system is optimized and meets specific standards.

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