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    Hallandale Beach, Fla. Commercial Lift Station Repair

    Hallandale Beach, FL | Commercial | Lift Station Repairs


    Preventative maintenance on site of a horse complex led to required replacement of lift station pumps. AQUALIS identified the issue and installed new, functioning pumps before system failure.


    During a routine, monthly preventative maintenance visit, AQUALIS determined the existing lift station pumps were showing signs of failure and were in need of replacement. Signs of lift station failure include pumps pulling high amp measurements indicative of system strain. When pumps are clogged or beginning to fail, the system is put under immense stress which and requires more energy to do a less efficient job. During routine maintenance, all elements of functionality are checked including amp draw, float activation, visual inspection of all components, and the level of debris accumulation in the wet well. Other lift station failure red flags include staining on the walls of the wet well that show the levels were high after last maintenance check, alarms not activating in high level alarm, and large amounts of floatable debris or grease accumulation.




    The lift station professionals at AQUALIS were able to order new pumps in a timely manner and install three replacement pumps before system failure. Without preventative maintenance, these pumps would have failed, and the site would require full remediation. The remediation process timeline ranges from a few days to multiple months depending on available parts and debris in the waste stream. AQUALIS was able to avoid supply chain delays by noticing signs of failure early and acting quickly.

    This site consisted of a main station that is fed by multiple smaller stations, and likely would have completely failed in a short amount of time. Lift station failure is not only debilitating for a property but extremely costly. Preventative maintenance saved this site from installing a temporary pump to compensate for failure as well as remediation of waste.

    With replacement of three lift station pumps, professionals at AQUALIS positioned the property owners up for success. A routine maintenance plan is essential for successful lift station management and avoiding costly repairs.

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