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    Industrial Vacuumation

    AQUALIS’ knowledgeable professionals are capable of removing sediment, sludge and liquids with top-of-the-line industrial vacuum trucks for a range of projects large or small on locations across the nation.

    Industrial vacuum trucks are designed to collect, contain and move large scales of unwanted debris offsite. With years of experience in operating, identifying, and performing vactor services, AQUALIS’ specialists can utilize industrial vacuuming during maintenance and repairs that minimize risk to underground assets, soil and property for underground water assets. Our deep understanding of stormwater and wastewater requirements gives us unmatched knowledge to ensure proper cleaning is performed without damaging systems.

    Industrial Vacuuming Advantages

    Industrial vacuuming functions using air displacement. Air is removed from the truck’s holding tank to reduce pressure inside. This creates a strong suction as air is rushed into the tank to equalize pressure. This use of air displacement offers many advantages to traditional mechanical removal processes:

    • Confined Space Access: Industrial vacuum services can be provided anywhere a suction hose can reach. This expands collection service offerings beyond the means of mechanical options.
    • Wet and Dry Services: Industrial vacuuming can collect solids, sludges, slurries and liquids.
    • Waste Disposal: Collecting waste within a holding tank and partnering with a reputable service provider like AQUALIS ensures easy disposal within compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

    Industrial Vacuuming Services 

    Underground and subsurface stormwater and wastewater systems benefit from the use of vacuum services by lessoning time constraints and safety risks associated with debris removal. AQUALIS team of certified professionals can identify the need for these services in addition to preventative maintenance plans or during repair services to stormwater or wastewater assets. Vacuum services can be beneficial when liquids, solids or sludge compromise a system’s function and offer an efficient solution to your comprehensive stormwater, wastewater or lift station management plan.

    Common uses for vaccumation services include:

    • Catch Basin Cleanings: Offering throughout catch basin cleanings to clear accumulated debris, sludge and trash from catch basins.
    • Industrial & Commercial Infrastructure: Capable of servicing catch basins, storm drains, sand traps and more. Our vacuum trucks are used to remove blockages or drain systems before repairs and retrofits or utilized during routine preventative maintenance.
    • Lift Station Cleaning: Ensure functionality by removing grease and sludge from sumps and pits.
    • Spill Clean-up: Liquid and sludge disposal within local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Hydro Excavating: Non-destructive excavation to safely expose belowground conduits and utilities. Learn more about our hydro excavation services here.
    • Jetting: Utilization of pressurized water and industrial vacuuming to clear debris from water systems. Our vac combo trucks are specialized units that combine the power of high-pressure water to clear the pipe or line and then vacuum the debris for proper removal.
    • Emergency Services: In the event of parking lot flooding or system back-ups including raw sewage or spills, industrial vacuum services can address the hard to remove build-up of debris, water, sludge and grease in an efficient manner. We offer 24/7 emergency response, if you are experiencing an emergency on your site please call us at 855.916.3960 immediately.

    Unsure if your systems require industrial vacuuming services? AQUALIS offers CCTV pipe inspections to identify problems and areas of concern within underground pipes.

    Contact us to learn how our industrial vacuuming services can benefit your systems.

    Remove large scales of unwanted debris without damaging systems.

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