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    Catch Basin Cleanings

    AQUALIS offers catch basin cleaning services to ensure your stormwater system functions as designed and protects your property from flooding. Our certified stormwater professionals are expert vactor and jetting providers, capable of safely and efficiently clearing your catch basins to protect your property from possible stormwater damages.

    Also referred to as storm drains or curb drain inlets, catch basins are the first line of defense against property flooding. Partnering with AQUALIS ensures your stormwater systems are prepared to protect your property.

    Catch Basin Cleaning Services 

    AQUALIS provides catch basin cleaning services using state-of-the-art hydro-combo trucks that utilize high-pressured jets of water to:

    • Dislodge Debris: Debris, trash and sediment that accumulates within catch basins can lead to clogged systems, flooding and erosion caused by diverted water flow. Vactor and Jetting services clear underground systems allowing stormwater to flow correctly into stormwater systems.
    • Remove Intrusive Roots: Pressurized jets of water are powerful enough to cut through intrusive roots that may damage stormwater systems but gentle enough that no threat is posed to other aspects of the system.
    • Restore System Flow Performance: Clogs and slow drainage can hinder the performance of stormwater systems, increasing the risk of flooding and erosion on site. Catch basin cleaning services ensure systems are performing at their intended capacity to minimize your property’s risk.

    Vactor and Jetting Services vs. Mechanical Catch Basin (MCB) Cleanings

    MCB cleanings utilize a hydraulic clamshell to manually lift and remove debris from within catch basins. While sufficient for some sites, vactor and jetting services offer a more thorough and effective catch basin cleaning. Utilizing pressurized water to dislodge materials and an industrial level suction power is then used to remove sludge, dirt and other debris from catch basins. In addition, Vactor and jetting applications help to remove sediment, extending the period between required cleanings.

    Catch Basin Cleaning Frequency 

    At a minimum, catch basins should be cleared on an annual basis. However, stormwater professionals recommend biannual cleanings to decrease the risk of flooding or system failures substantially. Pre-winter cleanings may be required to remove the accumulation of organic matter, including leaf litter that collects within systems during the fall and prepares systems for the influx of snowmelt that will bombard systems in the months to come. If a severe storm is expected, scheduling a pre-storm cleaning can prepare assets for significant rain events to minimize the flood risk associated with the storm.

    Parts of a Catch Basin

    While there are various designs of catch basins, including curb inlets and drop inlets, here are the parts of a typical catch basin.

    • Junction Box: Often, these are installed as a large concrete box that comes ready-made. The junction box is where water flows to access the rest of the stormwater system, and is the most accumulation of dirt, trash and debris occurs and where cleaning services are required.
    • Junction Box Cover: Sized to the opening of the junction box and metal grate.
    • Adjustment Riser: Used to level the junction box and cover with the surrounding ground elevation. Specially designed for each catch basin so water will flow downhill into the opening. The riser often erodes quicker than the rest of the catch basin structure and must be inspected regulatory for degradation.
    • Metal Grate: Used for safety to prevent passersby from falling.

    Catch Basins and Mosquitoes

    If your site is facing a mosquito issue, catch basins may be to blame. If a catch basin becomes clogged and water cannot flow properly, water pooling will occur. This stagnant water is ideal for mosquito breeding and can lead to a boom in mosquito populations on your site. If mosquitoes are prevalent throughout your parking lot, contact us to see if catch basin cleanings may be right for you.

    AQUALIS’ team of highly trained hydro-combo truck operators and stormwater specialists are here to offer quick, effective and risk-mitigating catch basin cleaning services. Schedule a free consultation and learn how AQUALIS can protect your property.

    Effective and efficient catch basin cleanings.

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