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    We’ve never even had an inspection before. Why do we need a program?

    Inspections are required. Just because a municipality is not requesting it now doesn’t mean that the inspection does not need to be performed. Keeping inspection records can prevent compliance issues in the future.

    We have someone perform an annual inspection already, and they told us that is all we’re responsible for doing. Why do we need to do more than that?

    Annual inspections are designed to identify how the stormwater systems are performing. If not maintained properly, there could be costly repairs associated with keeping your system in compliance with the approved design.

    What does AQUALIS do that my landscaper can’t do?

    Stormwater. We focus solely on stormwater and nothing else. We know how these complicated systems work and how to best maintain them. Year after year, we must follow in behind landscapers to fix the problems that they have caused by either not maintaining the structures properly or by cutting down beneficial plants that were called for during the design of the system.

    We already have a quarterly maintenance service. Why do we need to do more than that?

    Quarterly maintenance is not always enough. Many municipalities have maximum height restrictions for vegetation, which can disqualify quarterly frequency. Regulators are also doing inspections and looking for the system to be performing properly. If the system is not performing as designed, then the site may be lacking proper maintenance. Monthly maintenance is the best way to stay in full compliance and to keep your stormwater system performing at its best.

    We pay a stormwater fee to the municipality. Why do we need an additional program for stormwater maintenance?

    The utility fee considers the stormwater control measures (SCMs) that are on site compared with the amount of impervious surface on the property. Keeping these systems in good condition will make the city less likely to issue any notices of violation. Also, if you are eligible for stormwater credits, there needs to be proof that maintenance is being performed.

    What are the potential cost savings for implementing a plan?

    Repairs can be very costly and can range from a few thousand to over $100,000, depending on the assets on site. Maintaining stormwater systems properly can reduce large expenses because small issues get addressed prior to requiring larger, more expensive repairs. Additionally, properly maintained systems are less likely to flood, which reduces your liability.

    How do we know what assets we are responsible for taking care of?

    AQUALIS can assist with determining what stormwater control measures are on a property and communicating with the city/county on the property owner’s behalf. Additionally, site inspections to the property can reveal assets that may not have been previously known.

    We don’t have an O&M plan. What are the items we need to include? Can you provide us with one?

    O&M plans are agreements between the city/county and the property owner. If you do not have one, AQUALIS would be able to provide you with the proper scope of work to maintain your stormwater system to stay in compliance.

    Can a stormwater maintenance plan help with flooding and/or flash flooding? Will it allow us to be better prepared for potential hurricanes?

    Absolutely. A good preventative maintenance program will keep your system performing as it was originally designed, therefore greatly reducing the chances of flooding.

    How disruptive will this be to our business?

    There will be no disruption to your business or to your customers when AQUALIS is performing maintenance. We may ask for pallets to be moved that are blocking stormwater features, and we will ask the store manager to sign off on completion of work, but other than that, we are out of sight, out of mind. When doing repair work, we will work with the facility/store/property manager to schedule the best time to complete the work so that you will be appropriately prepared.

    What is the cost of inspection versus maintenance?

    Depending on the size and type of stormwater control measure, you can sometimes find that the prices are similar due to the time on site. Most commonly, the maintenance will be more expensive due to the need for a crew and equipment while an inspection can usually be performed by one inspector.

    Do you do water sampling of the assets?

    Yes. If sampling is a requirement for your property, we can collect the samples for you and transport them to the lab for analysis.

    How do we know when you will be performing the service? And how will we know when the service is completed so we can inspect the work?

    If approved to perform a repair or preventative maintenance, AQUALIS will provide the property owner or responsible party with the scheduled service dates. Each project or stormwater asset will come with a dedicated AQUALIS Director of Service Delivery who will be your “go-to” person for discussing projects, and he or she will be the one to communicate the scheduling and completion of jobs.

    How do you invoice (i.e., in advance or after completion of the service)?

    Invoices are submitted along with the completion documents. Completion documents include a summary and scope of work, as well as before, during, and after photos of the project. Some projects, particularly with new clients, will require a deposit up front. The deposit amount will depend on the scope, price, and difficulty of a project.

    What are the payment terms?

    Net 30 days upon completion of the maintenance work or repair project.

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