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    AQUALIS offers cleaning services using high-pressure jets of water, referred to as jetting, jet rodding, or water blasting, as an efficient and cost-effective option. Jetting services clear lift stations, sewer lines, catch basins, proprietary underground units and filters of liquids, solids and sludge, that lead to improper function of the system.

    We are committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge technology with our fleet of vac combo trucks that utilize air and water to clean underground infrastructure.

    Cleaning and Clearing Your System

    Jetting is a method used in stormwater and wastewater maintenance that utilizes concentrated blasts of high-pressure water to clear and clean debris from slow draining pipelines. The build-up of debris, including sediment, grease and trash, are common causes of blockage in and around stormwater, lift station or sewer lines.

    AQUALIS’ jetting service is a preferred method of pipeline cleansing and blockage removal as it is time-effective, cost-saving and safe around conduits and utilities. Our certified professionals consider great care, safety and professionalism in addressing your property and the operation of our vehicles.

    Jetting Services

    • Debris Removal: Accumulation of debris, including sediment and trash, is a common cause of blockages within both stormwater and wastewater sewer systems.
    • Root Removal: Root intrusion can lead to system failure and costly repairs if not addressed early. Root intrusion is often a consequence of greater stormwater or wastewater maintenance concerns that must be addressed as intrusions are a leading cause of sinkholes. AQUALIS provides comprehensive services to return stormwater systems to their designed function if rehabilitation or repair is required.
    • Hydro Excavation: Including utility locating, utility exposing, sewer tie-in and trenching.
    • Proprietary Filter Management: AQUALIS is a factory-certified maintenance provider for CONTECH systems and can utilize jetting services when needed to clean structures and vactor to remove build-up sediment or pollutants inside the vault.
    • Underground Vault Cleaning: Jetting services are not hindered by confined spaces, including underground vaults that may have limited access.
    • Grease Removal: Pressurized jetting can cut through grease and grime.
    • Mineral Scale: Mineral accumulation from hard water can slow drainage within lift stations.
    • Restoring System Flow Performance: Blockages slowing system performance can be broken with jetting services.
    • Lift Station Cleaning: Remove build-ups that could be limiting lift station function. Failure to remove build-up could result in system failure, sewer by-pass and expensive repair costs.

    AQUALIS’ CCTV pipe inspections can diagnose problems and areas of concern to ensure jetting services are right for you.

    Please contact us to learn more about how our highly trained professionals can assist you in maintaining your stormwater and wastewater infrastructure.

    Safely and effectively clear pipelines of build-ups and blockages.

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