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    Residential Design

    AQUALIS has conducted private site drainage to resolve possible flooding at residential properties. Our expertise in residential stormwater and drainage design can help assist with this and more. While we often work on large-scale projects, we also conduct private site drainage evaluations and are experts when it comes to residential stormwater and drainage design. We inspect your property, perform limited background analysis, and provide insight to improvements ranging from simple gutter repairs, and grading around the foundation, to more extensive measures requiring subsurface design or drainage diversion. We design the improvements to provide protection from small and large storm events, that keep you dry from the changing weather patterns. When property issues are caused by others outside your control, we have also served as expert witnesses in flood-related lawsuits after performing background investigation that we stand behind.

    Here at AQUALIS, our expertise in residential design can help assist with possible flooding at residential properties. Contact us today to learn more!

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