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    Vactor & Jetting

    Maintaining stormwater and wastewater systems is often a responsibility left for property owners and managers. While identifying areas of concern that occur above ground can be relatively simple, identifying underground problems can be more challenging. If you are uncertain whether your systems need industrial and commercial vacuuming and jetting services, AQUALIS can diagnose problems and propose solutions with our self-performing fleet of hydrovactor and vac combo trucks. Performing services including vacuumation, jetting or rodding of stormwater or sewer lines, or hydro excavation for construction sites, our highly experienced crew approaches each project efficiently and safely.

    At AQUALIS, we are committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge technology to best serve individual stormwater and wastewater maintenance and repair needs. This innovative and comprehensive approach sets us apart as THE nationwide industry leader in stormwater and wastewater management.

    24-Hour Emergency Services

    Spills, overflow, and flooding can occur when you least expect them. AQUALIS responds swiftly to all emergency requests and in many cases, industrial vac and jetting are solutions that can effectively clear lines to restore function for further investigation for failure. When response time is necessary, you can rely on AQUALIS’ expert fleet to manage your stormwater or wastewater assets. We are proud to offer 24-hour emergency services. Please call 855.916.3960 for immediate response to your lift station emergency.

    Industrial Vacuumation

    Utilizing high suction to clear debris from catch basins, vaults, pipes, and underground systems.


    Pressurized water breaks up clogs, debris, build-ups, that can cause flooding, overflows, and spills to your property.

    System back-ups or onsite flooding? We are here to help.

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