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    CCTV Pipe Inspections

    One of the many challenges property owners face is identifying when stormwater and wastewater pipe degradation has reached a point that requires serious action. Implementing extensive repairs too frequently can unnecessarily drive-up costs, but wait too long and violation fines, system failure, and emergency repairs expenses will accumulate quickly. CCTV video underground pipe inspections help property owners find the best time to act, guaranteeing a high ROI.

    CCTV underground pipe inspections are performed by AQUALIS’ certified professionals by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) to ensure underground infrastructure is fully functioning and up to code. CCTV pipe inspections can be used to inspect and identify problems in underground stormwater pipes as small as 2″ and up to 120” in a non-invasive manner. Offering both stormwater line inspections and wastewater line inspections, AQUALIS can help property owners visualize their underground infrastructure to assess damages.

    Identification + Documentation

    What is CCTV?

    Closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology uses video cameras to display real-time footage on specific display monitors. Unlike broadcast television, CCTV signals are not openly transmitted allowing for private viewing. This limited transmission is why CCTV technology is used in a variety of services including security surveillance, jumbotron sporting display, and in video underground pipe inspections.

    CCTV in Video Underground Pipe Inspections

    Closed-circuit television (CCTV) utilizes remote-controlled crawlers or rovers that can detect, inspect, and capture live images and video of pipe deficiencies in belowground stormwater or sanitary systems. This technology is implemented when aboveground issues are present such as system back-ups, sinkholes, or pooling above ground.

    Employing CCTV technology for video underground pipe inspections allows AQUALIS trained operators to locate and diagnose problems in real-time. A remote-control camera with CCTV capabilities is driven into the desired pipe(s) while the AQUALIS team monitors the display, looking for any damages or areas of concern. Giving our team a unique and otherwise inaccessible view of the interior of underground infrastructure, this distinctive perspective offers many benefits.

    CCTV Underground Pipe Inspection Benefits

    • Efficient: Real-time viewing by AQUALIS’ trained professionals allows for same-day diagnosis. Our experts are then able to develop maintenance and repair plans designed specifically for the needs of your systems based on CCTV underground pipe inspection findings. Future maintenance is also benefited as defects are caught early. The sooner we can identify issues, the better we can serve our customers.
    • Non-Destructive: Other inspection methods are invasive, destructive, and costly. AQUALIS’ CCTV underground pipe inspections do not require any excavation or daylighting prior to the service. If repairs and excavation are required based on findings, pinpointing the defect’s location limits excavation during the repair process as well.
    • Cost Saving: Minimizing project time and environmental disruption is just the start of the cost savings AQUALIS’ CCTV underground pipe inspection services offer. Proactive inspections before implementing repair plans may determine simple cleaning or other maintenance services are required, rather than invasive repairs.

    What is Identified During Inspections?

    Without CCTV underground pipe inspections, repair and maintenance requirements for underground infrastructure can be a bit of a guessing game. The inside-view offered through AQUALIS’ CCTV underground pipe inspections allow our professionals certified by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) to accurately identify and diagnose a variety of common causes of failure:

    • Pipe Damages: Cracks, fractures, breaks, and askew joints must be caught early and repaired before the integrity of the pipe is compromised, leading to collapse.
    • Operational Obstructions: Accumulation of debris, sediment, and trash as well as intruding roots can clog pipes and cause backflow. If identified, AQUALIS’ jetting services can clean your system and restore function without the need for expensive repairs.
    • Compromised Systems: If a system has areas of complete collapse or serious defects, the location of required maintenance can be pinpointed to minimize pipe replacement. During inspections, possible violations can be identified and corrected before Notices of Violation and corresponding fines are issued.
    • Pipeline Condition: AQUALIS professionals with years of experience can inspect any deficiencies or installation defects, assess overall pipe health, and ensure the life of the underground pipe.

    Please contact us to learn more about how our highly trained professionals can assist you in the maintenance and inspection of your stormwater and sanitary pipelines.


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