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    Inspection Services

    In most cases, stormwater systems need an initial Notice of Termination inspection after construction is completed. Additionally, every stormwater system requires inspection on an annual basis to ensure that the system is well maintained, functions as designed, and meets regulations.

    With our experienced and qualified inspectors, AQUALIS can inspect, document, and review the overall status and required corrective or preventative actions for your entire stormwater system.

    Understanding + Assessing Your System

    For Notice of Termination or annual inspections, AQUALIS can provide a certified inspector with the appropriate equipment and expertise to perform the inspection reliably, efficiently, and safely. Each stormwater system implementation — from above-ground bioretention systems and wet detention basins to manufactured underground systems and more — requires a specific inspection checklist. Our inspection services include:

    • Detailed program review
    • Annual certification
    • Pre-occupancy
    • Pre-notice of termination (NOT)
    • Certified dam inspection

    Types of Inspections


    Pre-occupancy + Pre-Notice of Termination (NOT)

    Pre-occupancy inspections — or pre-NOT inspections — take place between the construction phase of the system and the post-construction operation of the site. Any maintenance or repair needs are documented for the General Contractor to perform before the property owner becomes responsible.

    Annual Inspections

    Annual inspections ensure that a stormwater system continues to function as designed and in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. Every facet of the system is examined, and an action plan will be developed for any system that has been improperly maintained or requires rehabilitative or restorative repairs. An annual inspection report is typically submitted to a local regulatory body.

    Preparing for and passing an annual or pre-occupancy stormwater system inspection

    Learn more about stormwater inspections and find detailed checklists for your specific system.



      Our inspections ensure your system performs at its best.

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