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    Drainage Design Services

    AQUALIS specializes in design that mixes traditional and innovative solutions to provide your property with the most effective drainage solutions. Individualized, site-specific design integrates pollutant reduction and flood management in an efficient and cost effective manner for your property.

    Proper design can combat deficiencies like poor soils, back flow, ineffective grading and other concerns. AQUALIS uses designs that work with your existing property to minimize costs related to retrofits while imitating and enhancing the natural environment.

    Combatting Environmental Challenges

    Intentional drainage design can not only reduce peak flow but also filter pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus, discourage invasive waterfowl and remove total suspended solids while increasing biodiversity and improving water quality. Common drainage issues include excessive surface runoff, subsurface drainage, and flooding. Stormwater systems should be inspected following all major rain events; pooling or excessive standing water can be indicative of larger problems.

    Benefits of Proper Drainage Design

    • Reduce peak flow
    • Removing total suspended solids (TSS)
    • Beautification
    • Back flow prevention
    • Increase native vegetation
    • Reduction in nuisance species

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