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    City of Bowling Green / Warren County

    To fully comply with federally mandated stormwater regulations the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky is required to address runoff from post construction areas. Post construction stormwater management in areas undergoing new development or redevelopment is necessary because runoff from these areas has been shown to significantly affect receiving water bodies. Many studies indicate that prior planning and design for the minimization of pollutants in post construction stormwater discharges is the most cost effective approach to stormwater quality management. However, compliance with the City of Bowling Green’s stormwater ordinance is not an option. The City of Bowling Green is an NPDES Phase II regulated municipality and has coverage under the NPDES Phase II general stormwater permit, KYG20. To satisfy the requirements of the City’s NPDES Phase II permit, and as the operator of the MS4, the City of Bowling Green has the authority to inspect properties- including private, residential, and commercial properties- for noncompliance and can issue a notice of violation (NOV) for any deficiency or infraction onsite.

    City of Bowling Green Stormwater Ordinance

    21-2.05 Post Construction Water Quality.

    a.   Applicability. For construction meeting either of the criteria herein below, review and approval of the Post Construction Stormwater Quality Management Plan as described in the City of Bowling Green Stormwater BMP Manual is required prior to the issuance of any permit:
          1.   Disturb more than one (1) acre, and create greater than ten thousand square feet (10,000ft 2 ) of new impervious surfaces, irrespective of existing impervious surfaces.
          2.    Hotspot land uses as defined below:
             a)    Automotive fueling facilities;
             b)   Automotive maintenance and repair facilities;
             c)   Restaurants with grease collection and disposal; and,
             d)    Other land uses as determined to have a high potential of pollutant discharge into the MS4 as determined by the City.
       b.    Review and Issuance of Permit.
          1.   For projects requiring post construction water quality, plans shall be submitted as part of the application process (e.g. building permit, detailed development plan or subdivision). The plans shall conform to the design criteria set forth in the City of Bowling Green Stormwater BMP Manual. Based on the review of the permit application, the City will:
             a)    Approve the permit application;
             b)    Approve the permit application subject to such conditions as may be necessary to meet the requirements/intents of the objectives of the Subchapter, and issue the permit subject to these conditions; or,
             c)   Deny the permit application, indicating the reason(s) and procedure for submitting a revised application and/or submission.
          2.    The City reserves the right to inspect the site prior to any construction activity in furtherance of the review process.
          3.    The City’s approval of the permit is for general compliance with local requirements and the KYDOW general permit. The designer is ultimately responsible for the details of design, with the property owner being responsible for implementation.
       c.   Maintenance. The property owner shall be responsible for all maintenance and record keeping as detailed in the Maintenance Agreement set forth in the City of Bowling Green Stormwater BMP Manual.
       d.    Right of Entry. The City and its agents shall have right of entry to inspect, observe, test or perform any related activity to the installation, operation, maintenance and function of the stormwater infrastructure.
       e.    General Requirements for Post Construction Stormwater Control. Requirements for design, maintenance and a menu of BMPs are located in the City of Bowling Green Stormwater BMP Manual.

    Bowling Green Stormwater Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

    The O&M Plan for a site with privately maintained BMPs contains the following elements:

    1. An Inspection and Maintenance Agreement signed by the developer or BMP owner. This agreement states that the owner is responsible for maintaining the BMP perpetually and performing inspections.

    2. A BMP location map clearly indicating the locations of all stormwater BMPs, drainage easements, access easements, roadways, and stormwater system components as they relate to the stormwater BMPs.

    3. Schematics for each BMP. The schematics should be detailed enough to allow for future inspections of the BMP(s) and stormwater system. If more than one BMP is on the project site, schematics of each BMP must be provided.

    4. Inspection and maintenance templates for each type of BMP. For manufactured BMPs, the template must have maintenance items filled out in the template prior to submission to the City.

    5. Annual BMP report template. The form must be used by the BMP owner for the annual inspection of the BMP(s).

    Bowling Green Stormwater Management Documents