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    City of Fort Worth

    Excerpt from the City of Fort Worth Stormwater Management Plan

    1. MCM 2. Post-Construction Stormwater Control Measures

    3. Development and Redevelopment Application and Regulatory Mechanism

    Currently, all development and redevelopment projects in the City of Fort Worth are required to adhere to the established documents, manuals, policies, rules and ordinances apply to all development and redevelopment projects associated with platting activities and modifications to public infrastructure. The primary mechanism regulating post-construction stormwater controls in the City of Fort Worth is the Stormwater Management Design Manual. This manual has been adopted via ordinance to implement structural and nonstructural controls for our community.

    To further address the post-construction control requirements addressed in this section of the permit, the City of Fort Worth is currently in the process of developing and adopting a Grading Ordinance which will control grading activities for all projects which disturb 0.5 acres or more of land. This ordinance will also include the adoption of the 2010 revision of the NCTCOG iSWM manual and updated local criteria manual to increase the level of protection of the City of Fort Worth’s stormwater infrastructure. The new manual adopts the explicit standards for construction runoff control and requires an integrated process for construction and post-construction controls.

    The City of Fort Worth is evaluating current and upcoming changes in local ordinance, policies and procedures to ensure that the requirements of this permit are adequately addressed. The City of Fort Worth fully intends to comply with the requirements established to ensure all required development activities are properly addressed.

    Additionally this manual addresses the need to establish policies and procedures to provide for long-term operation and maintenance of BMPs within the City of Fort Worth. Developers implementing structural BMPs are required to enter into an agreement with the city for perpetual maintenance. Policy statements in the manual addressing long term operation and maintenance are:

    • City Maintenance - The CFW will provide for perpetual maintenance, in accordance with adopted city maintenance standards, of all public drainage facilities located within dedicated easements and constructed to the CFW standards. Access shall be provided and dedicated by the developer to all public stormwater facilities in developments for maintenance and inspection by the CFW.
    • Private Maintenance:
      • Private drainage facilities include those drainage improvements which are located on private property and which handle only private water.
      • Private drainage facilities may also include detention or retention ponds, dams, and other stormwater controls which collect public water, as well as drainage ways not constructed to City standards but which convey public water. Such facilities must be designed in accordance with sound engineering practices and reviewed and inspected by the City.
      • An agreement for perpetual maintenance of private drainage facilities serving public water shall be executed with the City prior to acceptance of the final plat. This agreement shall run with the land and can be tied to commercial property or to an owner’s association, but not to individual residential lots.
      • Access shall be provided by the developer/owner to all private drainage facilities where there may be a public safety concern for inspection by the CFW.


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