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    City of Hollywood

    Hollywood Municipal Code

    Chapter 54- Stormwater Management

    54.30- Water Management Works, Erosion Control

    The City of Hollywood is authorized and empowered to exercise jurisdiction; to control; and to require, construct, reconstruct or improve stormwater management works which provide for the collection, storage, treatment, and conveyance of stormwater including systems such as structural controls, erosion prevention facilities and flood control and management systems within the jurisdiction of the city in compliance with the stormwater management regulations as outlined in this subchapter.

    54.32 Determination of Compliance or Non-Compliance

       The city shall be granted the authority to determine the compliance or non-compliance with this subchapter of a stormwater management system or non-stormwater discharge to a stormwater system, water body or surface area; based on investigation, surveillance, monitoring, sampling, testing, and or sound engineering and operational evaluations.

    54.33 Assessment of Penalty for Non-Compliance

       (A)   Upon determination of a violation of this subchapter, the city may assess against the violator a minimum penalty of $500 per offense.
       (B)   Additional charges against the violator may be assessed in an amount determined by the city depending on the extent of environmental damage, mitigation, the cost of remediation and enforcement costs.
       (C)   Upon determination of a violation of this subchapter, the violator shall bear all costs incurred for cleanup, enforcement action and remediation.
       (D)   Each day during any portion of which a violation occurs constitutes a separate violation and may incur additional penalties.

    54.34 Stormwater Inspections and Monitoring Procedures

       The city may enter, perform inspections, surveillance and monitoring procedures within reasonable hours of all structures and premises, and shall have free access to copying or reviewing pertinent records of a facility, system or premises, in order to ascertain the state of compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the city regarding compliance as outlined in this subchapter.
       (A)   The compliance personnel of the enforcing agency shall be provided with official identification and shall exhibit such identification when making inspection.
       (B)   The owner, operator, lessees, occupant or person in charge of the structure or premises shall give the inspecting officer free access for the purpose of making such inspections without hampering, obstructing, or interfering with such inspection.

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