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    City of Indianapolis / County of Marion

    Marion County has enacted a Stormwater Ordinance in to provide for the collection and disposal of stormwater in a manner that protects the public health, safety and welfare. The City of Indianapolis is the permitting authority for all land disturbing activities and requires the land owner to maintain all on-site stormwater control facilities and all open space areas (e.g. parks or “green” areas) required by the approved stormwater control plan. The City of Indianapolis will only provide construction permits to projects that establish a plan to manage stormwater runoff occurring during the construction process. Marion County will calculate and collect stormwater user fees. Stormwater credits are available for properties that maintain stormwater management facilities. The City of Indianapolis/Marion County, under the NPDES program, also has the authority to inspect properties for noncompliance and can issue a notice of violation (NOV) for any deficiency or infraction onsite. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of any stormwater facilities or practices located on the property. The City of Indianapolis/Marion County has the authority to inspect stormwater facilities and practices in order to ascertain that they properly maintained and functioning.

    Marion County, IN Department of Public Works: 317-327-2015

    Stormwater User Fee

    The stormwater user fee shall be two dollars and twenty-five cents ($2.25) per equivalent residential unit ("ERU") until and including June 30, 2015, and shall be one dollar and ten cents ($1.10) per base billing unit ("BBU") beginning on July 1, 2015.

    Prohibited Discharges

    General discharge prohibitions.

    It shall be unlawful to discharge or cause or allow discharge to any natural outlet or watercourse within the city any wastewater or other polluted waters or hazardous materials, except where suitable treatment has been provided in accordance with regulations adopted by CWA Authority and other applicable federal, state and local law.

    Prohibited discharges to public sewers.

    (a) No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged any stormwater, surface water, groundwater, roof runoff or subsurface drainage into any sanitary sewer.

    (b) Stormwater and all other unpolluted drainage may be discharged through existing structures to such sewers as are specifically designated as combined sewers or storm sewers. No additional flow shall be introduced. Industrial cooling waters or unpolluted process waters may only be discharged upon approval by CWA Authority.

    (c) No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged to any public sewer wastewater or pollutants other than in compliance with the regulations adopted by CWA Authority, and all other applicable federal, state and local law.

    Operations and Maintenance Manual

    The policies set forth in this section are intended to meet the requirements that the City address pollutants of concern in local stormwater runoff and comply with narrative standards in the permit. The water quality management program of the City of Indianapolis is performance-based. In a performance based program it is essential that any approved BMP be properly maintained to ensure that the BMPs perform as designed. An O&M Manual for any approved BMP will be required (see Section 102.06). As will be stated in the O&M Manual, maintenance will be the responsibility of the property/BMP owner. The City encourages the use of high-efficiency, low maintenance BMPs that have the potential for removal of multiple stormwater pollutants.
    BMPs defined in Chapter 700 of this Manual as being capable of meeting the specified performance criteria for pollutant removal will be acceptable if designed to the standard specifications in Chapter 700 of this Manual.



    Marion County Municipal Code

    Stormwater User Rate and Credit Manual 

    Stormwater BMP Maintenance

    Stormwater Resources