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    City of Santa Fe

    Santa Fe Stormwater Regulations

    The city of Santa Fe's stormwater regulations primarily center on design and construction stages. Post-construction and maintenance standards come from the federal level, and are also generally addressed from a city ordinance most recently updated in 2002.

    Terrain and Stormwater Management Ordinance, Chapter 14-8.2

    (K ) Long Term Maintenance Responsibilities and Inspections
    1. Responsibilities

    All stormwater management measures and facilities shall be maintained by the owner of the property or a homeowners association, unless a dedication of the stormwater management system has been required or accepted by the City, in which case, the City shall be responsible for maintenance. For developments of 15 or more dwelling units, developers shall provide liability and property damage insurance, in a form approved in writing by the City Attorney, in order to protect adjacent property owners from failure ofdrainage or erosion control structures which were required for the development. For new developments of fifteen or more dwelling units, performance bonds or their equivalent shall be posted by the developer for 10 years and thereafter, shall be renewed by the neighborhood or responsible association for maintaining all common drainage structures. Failure to renew the bond in a timely manner on an annual basis shall be grounds for the City Attorney's office to call the bond. The bond must be in an amount sufficient to defray maintenance costs for 10 years. The stormwater management system shall be maintained in good condition and promptly repaired. Maintenance shall include the repair and restoration of all grade surfaces, walls, swales, drains, dams, ponds, basins, site restoration measures, associated vegetation, and any other stormwater measure constructed on site. Such maintenance shall be in accordance with approved stormwater management plans.

    2. City Inspections

    The City or its authorized agent may enter upon a property, which is subject to this section, at reasonable times to access the stormwater management system to ensure that the system is maintained in proper working condition to meet the approved stormwater management plans and the objectives and minimum standards of this section.

    3.  Maintenance Violations

    If after notice by the City to correct a violation requiring maintenance work, satisfactory corrections are not made by the owner(s) or responsible party within a reasonable period of time, the City may perform all necessary work to place the facility in proper working condition. The owner(s) or responsible party of the facility shall be assessed the associated costs of the work.


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