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    City of Waco

    Waco Regulations

    City of Waco Code of Ordinance Excerpt

    26.8 Section 26-327 Pollution Control Measures

    (a) The responsible party of any construction site within the city shall implement measures necessary to control erosion, sedimentation, debris, and stormwater pollution. The responsible party is responsible for the maintenance and performance of the temporary pollution control measures until permanent measures are in place. The pollution controls are designed to be selected by the developer based on the most cost effective and appropriate means to provide the required controls.

    City of Waco Stormwater Management Regulations

    1.5 Floodplain Management

    The intent of these regulations is to leave watercourses in a natural condition. While this is the intent, the developer may, upon approval of the City Engineer, change the location of existing channels and thus the location of the floodplain subject to the requirements of Section 1.7 of these regulations.

    All development must comply with Chapter 11 “Flood Prevention and Protection” of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Waco, Texas.

    Fences will not be allowed inside floodplains.

    If development is planned within a floodplain the developer must mitigate any adverse impact on any other property and redelineate the floodplain based on themitigation implemented.

    The ultimate floodplain delineation shall be based on the watershed contributing to the design point assuming upstream properties provide adequate detention.

    All floodplains shall be computed utilizing the computer software and methodologies outlined in the Storm Drainage Design Manual.

    1.10 Maintenance

    The City will maintain drainage facilities that serve more than one property. The property owner will maintain drainage facilities that serve one property.

    Mowing will not require a permit; however no excavation may be performed nor fill placed in an easement or floodplain without a permit.

    The City will perform major maintenance (e.g. dam maintenance, dredging) on detention facilities. The City will maintain drainage facilities, including mowing, within dedicated parks.

    No maintenance may be performed within an identified wetlands prior to obtaining a permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers.


    Waco Stormwater Management Regulations

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