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    Sustainable Water Compliance Summit

    April 24, 2024

    You are invited to a virtual, one-day cross-sector sustainable water management summit.

    Hosted by AQUALIS, this interactive and educational event includes multiple continuing education opportunities, enlightening plenary discussions, and active audience participation to help drive awareness and action to improve local, regional and national stormwater and wastewater management as well as our waterways.

    Event Topics

    Emerging Contaminants — There are more contaminants out there than PFAS. Emerging contaminants of concern are becoming more prevalent as new products are created and clean water solutions are becoming more necessary. Learn more about the research being done on these contaminants of emerging concern.

    Green Infrastructure — So you want to implement green infrastructure. Now what? You hear a lot about green infrastructure maintenance, but now look at designing new green infrastructure elements that can take your projects to new heights.

    PFAS — PFAS is an industry buzz word for good reason. With regulations surrounding the “forever chemicals” getting more stringent, the industry must be poised to tackle them and sustain water quality.

    Data & Digitalization — Technology is ever-evolving. Understanding its benefits, challenges and uses for water innovation is imperative to the future of the industry. Learn how technology can play into your water projects and transform best data practices.

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