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    Breaking Down PFAS: What Lies Ahead for Municipal Drinking Water Treatment?

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    The impacts of PFAS on public health and the environment continue to be researched, while at the same time state and federal authorities are taking action to regulate these chemicals.  Many drinking water utilities are being forced to shut down traditional sources of supply and fast-track new treatment projects and/or convert to more expensive sources of water. What lies ahead for sampling & testing our water supplies and treating our drinking water?


    Some topics covered in this session will be:

    • Sampling & Testing
    • Treatability Analysis
    • Available Treatment Technologies
    • Process Selection
    • Project Implementation


    Upon completion of this course, attendees should be able to:

    • Understand the broad spectrum of PFAS compounds, and of those that are regulated in drinking water
    • List the most common approaches to removing PFAS from drinking water
    • Recognize that every facility and every water quality matrix has its own unique considerations when determining how and where to implement PFAS treatment