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    Introducing the New AQUALIS Website

    AQUALIS, THE Stormwater Management Company, recently launched its new website. Created for our clients, employees and our desire to educate, the website brings new features and expanded elements, including case studies, an outline of services and an expanded compliance section.

    The responsive design of the website is also both mobile- and tablet-friendly for easy viewing at the office, at home and in the field. The site includes comprehensive search functionality so that users can easily find the information required.  Focused on providing clients and users with insight and understanding of the industry, we have added multiple features such as news, events and a more robust blog.

    Richard Matero, CEO of AQUALIS, said the company kept the needs of our clients and the industry as a whole as the main focus of the site. “We have integrated new features that enhance user experience and productivity through the search, secondary navigation and compliance section as well as added information regarding our services as THE Stormwater Management Company.”

    AQUALIS was founded in 2001 and has a mission to inspire change by preserving and protecting our most precious natural resource: water. AQUALIS operates throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and performs nearly 20,000 maintenance and inspection visits each year, as well as thousands of repairs to keep our clients’ properties safe and compliant.