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    National Pollinator Week 2020

    by Jason Abert, Vice President of Service Delivery

    What’s the buzz? It is National Pollinator Week, June 22 - 28! One of our favorite topics at AQUALIS is pollination. Through our Root for Nature programs, we seek to improve the environment through stormwater management and beyond! Increased development not only impacts our stormwater, but we are seeing drastic decreases in pollinators around the world. Root for Nature repurposes our customer's water basins to create pollinator gardens. Pollinators consist of bees, butterflies, birds, bats, moths, and other insects or small mammals that move pollen from one flower to another creating a vast, unique, and healthy ecosystem.

    This past year we saw immense growth across many of our pollinator gardens. The gardens across the nation including the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and Southeast, are flourishing!

    These gardens are maintained by the AQUALIS as part of the regularly scheduled maintenance plans and typically require minimal intervention. Maintenance includes removal of trees or shrubs and mostly the first season for these gardens requires regular amounts of water to establish the gardens, however, once established these gardens should continue to bloom for seasons to come!

    While our established gardens are creating habitats for our pollinator friends, we are still actively installing gardens across the nation. Just this past week, we had a major install on a roof in Chicago. Click here for more information about our roof-top garden in Chicago, Illinois.