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    Spincasting is a non-invasive pipe repair method that utilizes a machine to spray a mixture inside pipelines, often corrugated metal pipe (CMP), reinforcing the pipe and extending its lifespan. Spincasting is also called Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe (CCCP), as the machine spins around a central point releasing the concrete mix along the inside of the pipe. Spincasting is utilized as structural enhancement of aging pipeline rather than a point repair method.


    This pipelining method also requires diversions to block the flow of water. The pipe should be clear of sediment, debris or water to allow for proper casting. Spin casting is a great option for pipes that are not circular as oblong or elliptical shaped pipes are more difficult to line. Thickness of the casting is decided based on the depth and structural integrity of the original pipe.

    The pipe must be visually inspected via CCTV to decide the degree of repairs needed. The pipe is then emptied and cleaned to prepare for casting. Any damages or minor repairs are patched before the spin-caster is sent inside the pipe.

    Spin casting is used as a method of prolonging the lifespan of the pipeline. Spin casting is used in conjunction with other repair methods but is not used alone for large repairs.

    The spin-casting machine is pulled through the pipe at a controlled speed to allow for even coating of desired thickness along the pipe interior. The cast concrete cures in a few hours and the new pipeline is ready to convey water again. The coated pipeline is now more structurally sound and protected from corrosion.


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