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    Webinar: Underground Stormwater Infrastructure

    Stormwater infrastructure is typically showcased through lush green landscapes of aboveground stormwater control measures (SCMs) like ponds, bio-swales or green roofs. Still, underground infrastructure doesn’t see the light of day. These systems are commonly neglected due to their nature of construction below ground and their ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ maintenance approach; however, these systems require specific maintenance to ensure proper functionality to mitigate flooding, sinkholes and property damage.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Break down the functionality, components and variations of underground SCMs.
    • Comprehend the risks associated with neglected systems that can lead to dangerous deficiencies like sinkholes, degrading systems and failed piping.
    • Explore restorative repairs and rehabilitation case studies, where neglected systems are restored to proper functionality to increase water quality of runoff and reduce property owner liability.
    • Analyze proprietary devices and how they can are used in conjunction with aboveground facilities to improve quantity and quality stormwater runoff performance.
    • Delve into the preventative maintenance requirements of these underground systems to increase the life cycle of the below-ground assets.