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    California is renowned for iconic cities, bustling commerce, and bountiful natural beauty. Full of snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear ocean water, and forests replete with rivers, lakes, and streams, this western state has a unique relationship with water. This makes it vital to manage stormwater runoff effectively.

    California is no stranger to both unexpected and potentially catastrophic weather events. From extended drought periods to torrential rainstorms, Californians have shown resiliency. But bringing rainfall runoff under control is imperative to support the ecosystem. With assistance from AQUALIS, the stormwater experts serving California residents, businesses, and government entities, management of your stormwater systems is easy and exceptional. We offer a range of services that ensure your runoff is expertly managed, clean, and compliant with laws and regulations.

    The Impact Of Stormwater Runoff In California

    There’s no such thing as a dull day in California. It hosts some of the most critical industries and infrastructure in the United States of America.

    Imperious surfaces like roads and buildings have been built to accommodate the number of people and businesses flocking to the region. As a result, stormwater is often moved through drains, sewer systems, and ditches before emptying into bodies of water.

    Without proper stormwater compliance systems in place, harmful debris and pollutants may come along for the ride. This leads to various issues.

    • Flooding
    • Erosion
    • Turbidity
    • Storm And Sanitary Sewer System Overflow
    • Infrastructure Damage
    • Contaminated Drinking Water

    The California Stormwater Compliance Experts

    AQUALIS provides a variety of stormwater, wastewater, and freshwater management services in California. We strive to deliver effective solutions using innovative testing, inspection, design, and implementation methods.

    Whether you’re looking to bolster shorelines, maintain ponds at parks, improve draining in neighborhoods, or confirm drinking water quality, our team is here to help.

    Supporting California Long-Term

    California has a special connection with water, so all facets of stormwater runoff compliance must be covered when starting a project. The problem is it can be a lot to handle.

    AQUALIS knows the state’s regulatory requirements, understands the best management practices, and knows how to apply them effectively – all without breaking your budget.

    Learn more about stormwater regulations in California and contact us for more information about our stormwater compliance solutions.


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