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    City of Anacortes

    The City of Anacortes has enacted a Stormwater Ordinance in order to establish minimum stormwater management requirements and controls to protect and safeguard the general health, safety, and welfare of the public residing in watersheds within this jurisdiction.  The City of Anacortes is the permitting authority for all land disturbing activities and requires the land owner to maintain all on-site stormwater control facilities and all open space areas (e.g. parks or “green” areas) required by the approved stormwater control planThe City of Anacortes will only provide construction permits to projects that establish a plan to manage stormwater runoff occurring during the construction process. The City of Anacortes, under the NPDES program, also has the authority to inspect properties for noncompliance and can issue a notice of violation (NOV) for any deficiency or infraction onsite. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of any stormwater facilities or practices located on the property. The City of Anacortes has the authority to inspect stormwater facilities and practices in order to ascertain that they are properly maintained and functioning.

    Excerpt from Anacortes Municipal Code


    Chapter 18

    18.40.040 Maintenance Required

    A. Owners and operators of stormwater facilities must operate and maintain those facilities to ensure the performance achieves the intended purpose of the facility.
    B. Owners of property for which a stormwater BMP has been required by the City must continually maintain that BMP.

    C. Maintenance must be performed consistent with the conditions of approval and the approved maintenance plan. Unless a more restrictive provision applies, when an inspection identifies an exceedance of the maintenance standard, the owner must perform maintenance:

    1. Within twelve months for typical maintenance of facilities, except catch basins;

    2. Within six months for catch basins;

    3. Within twenty-four months for maintenance that requires capital construction of less than twenty-five thousand dollars

    18.40.060 Inspections of Stormwater Facilities

    A. The city must inspect stormwater facilities at least annually, or less frequently if allowed by the city’s NPDES permit.
    B. Whenever there is cause to believe that a violation of this chapter has been or is being committed, the city may inspect per AMC Title 20, Civil Enforcement and Penalties

    80.40.070 Enforcement

    A. Violation of this chapter is a public nuisance

    B. The director may impose a civil penalty of up to one hundred dollars per day per violation.


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