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    City of Cedar Rapids

    72.203- Stormwater Management Requirements

    (a) Unless otherwise exempt, no development may occur without an approved Stormwater Management Plan. For purposes of obtaining approval of a Stormwater Management Plan, a plan for the site meeting the requirements established in the Design Standards Manual shall be submitted to the City Engineer for review and approval. All design criteria and plan details shall be in conformance with the Design Standards Manual.

    (b) Construction of stormwater management facilities shall be in conformance with the approved Stormwater Management Plan for the site.

    (c) The Stormwater Management Plan, including on-site stormwater detention facilities, shall be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer prior to the issuance of foundation permits, or building permits for the site. The improvements shall be constructed prior to the issuance of final certificates of occupancy. The requirements of this paragraph may be deferred at the discretion of the City Engineer.

    (d) For site(s) on which privately owned and maintained stormwater detention and/or conveyance facilities are located, the property owner shall be responsible for the following:

    1. Certification of the private stormwater facilities by a Civil Engineer every five years and submitted to the City Stormwater Official.
      1. a) The certification must list the designed storage volume and release rate for the facility and certify the facility's current storage volume and release rate, as applicable, are at or better than the design values.
    2. Control of weeds, insects, and sediment accumulation.
    3. All future grading, repairs, and maintenance.
    4. Maintenance of the minimum stormwater detention volume, as approved by the City.
    5. Maintenance of the detention basin control structure(s) and discharge pipe(s) to ensure the maximum theoretical stormwater release rate, as approved by the City Engineer, is not increased.

    (e) The property owner shall place no fill material, or erect any buildings, obstructions, or other improvements on the area reserved for stormwater detention purposes, unless approved otherwise by the City Engineer.

    (f) The property owner shall dedicate to the City of Cedar Rapids, by instrument or final platting, any property on which public stormwater detention basins will be located. Ingress-egress easements for maintenance of public facilities shall be provided prior to final site approval.

    (g) The City Stormwater Official may inspect the site(s) at any time to determine compliance with these regulations. If deemed necessary by the City Stormwater Official, the property owner shall provide certification by a licensed Civil Engineer verifying the minimum stormwater detention volume and the maximum theoretical stormwater release rate, as the requirements established in the Design Standards Manual and are in conformance with the approved design.

    (h) Upon determination that a site is not in compliance with these regulations, the City Stormwater Official may issue an order to comply. The order shall describe the problem and specify a date whereby the work must be completed, and indicate the penalties to be assessed for further noncompliance.

    (i) Except as provided in this chapter, no person shall engage in construction of stormwater management facilities, unless a Stormwater Management Plan has been reviewed and approved by the City Engineer.

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