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    City of Chicago

    City of Chicago Stormwater Management Ordinance Manual

    5.0 Operation and Maintenance Requirements

    5.1 Introduction and Applicability

    Operations and maintenance (O&M) is essential for proper stormwater management. The BMPs and stormwater management design elements discussed in Sections 2.0 through 4.0 of this Manual require certain O&M activities in order to ensure their long-term performance. By making a commitment to regular O&M activities, developers will be able to achieve desired design results while maintaining the aesthetic qualities of the overall landscape. Regular O&M activities also prolong the optimal function of landscape designs and treatments, allowing developers to avoid significant repair and restoration costs that would be associated with more traditional stormwater management methods. The O&M and inspection guidelines presented below are not all-inclusive. Some BMPs may require other measures not discussed here. It is the designer’s responsibility to decide whether additional measures are necessary. The O&M requirements in this chapter apply to all BMPs identified in Sections 2.0 through 4.0 except as discussed below.

    • Developments with less than 15,000 sf and less than 7,500 sf of at-grade impervious surface do not require O&M plans unless they discharge to a waterway or separate sewer.
    • O&M plans do not need to be submitted for the existing tree canopy

    The BMP Guidesheets in Appendix C identify the minimum O&M requirements for each type of BMP included in this Manual. For stormwater management facilities not included in this Manual (such as a manufactured stormwater treatment technology), it is still necessary to prepare and submit an O&M plan that complies with the requirements discussed in this section. Proper training and written guidance should be provided to all personnel who will be involved in O&M. Copies of applicable O&M plans should also be provided to all property owners and tenants. This information should include, at a minimum, the general O&M requirements discussed below.

    5.2 General Requirements

    Developers whose sites will contain rate control facilities or the BMPs discussed in Section 3.3 or other BMPs approved by the City will need to create an O&M plan. An O&M plan must cover all activities necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of all BMPs in the stormwater management plan (SMP). O&M procedures must be reviewed and assessed annually. All O&M plans must include information summarized below.

    5.2.1 Owner Information

    5.2.2 Site Map

    5.2.3 O&M Practices

    Each BMP will require a specific inspection and maintenance regimen. In addition, the minimum requirements below shall be incorporated into the inspection and maintenance regimen.

      • O&M Plan must be signed by the owner and notarized using the Operation and Maintenance Plan Owner’s Certification Statement found in the Regulations, Appendix II-A, Sheet A.22. A copy of the O&M Plan must be provided to each new owner before the consummation of a sale, and the O&M Plan must be signed by the new owner, notarized, and submitted to the City to be kept on record.
      • O&M Plan procedures and practices must be reviewed and assessed annually
      • Access routes including roadways and sidewalks shall be inspected annually and maintained as needed
      • Drainage structures and flow restrictors must be inspected and cleaned semi-annually
      • Volume control BMPs shall be inspected semi-annually and after significant rainfall events exceeding 1.5 inches
      • The Owner shall keep an updated log book documenting the performance of the required O&M activities for perpetuity. Log books must be produced upon the request of a City inspector.
      • Vegetation shall be maintained on a regular basis.
      • Pest control measures shall be implemented to address insects and rodents.
      • Signage and fencing shall be installed and maintained where necessary to protect property and the public.
      • Underground vaults must include design measures to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Confined space safety procedures must be followed.

    The BMP guidesheets discuss the particular O&M needs of each BMP. The O&M plan in the SMP should contain this BMP-specific information. The developer must create an O&M sheet for each BMP not listed in this Manual.

    5.2.4 Implementation Schedule

    An inspection and maintenance schedule should be created as part of the O&M plan. This schedule should provide for routine examination of all BMPs and incorporate the varying maintenance needs of each BMP. The City requires that property owners keep an O&M inspection and maintenance logbook. In general, the logbook should note all inspection dates, facility components inspected, and any maintenance performed and repairs made. All inspections and maintenance, both routine and emergency, should be recorded in the logbook. Each BMP-specific O&M sheet should serve as a checklist for design elements that require inspection, the frequency of inspections, and conditions that indicate that maintenance is needed.

    5.2.5 Employee Training

    Specific individuals should be assigned responsibility for O&M of all onsite BMPs. Employee training should be conducted so that these individuals are aware of proper inspection and O&M procedures. This training schedule should also be incorporated into the O&M plan. All personnel should be familiar with the components of the O&M plan and their personal level of responsibility