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    City of Dade

    Excerpt from Dade City Municipal Code

    Article VII- Stormwater Management

    Division 1- Generally

    Sec. 42-225. - Administration of article; addressing of violations.

    (a) This article shall be administered by the city manager. All persons in violation of this article shall address such violations immediately upon written notification by the city. Violations shall be addressed by providing a written response to the city manager requesting and outlining the temporary and permanent measures that will be taken to correct the violation and a proposed schedule for completion of each of the corrective measures. Proposals for corrective action are subject to the approval of the city manager.

    (b) The city manager is authorized to issue cease and desist orders in the form of written official notices sent by registered mail to the person responsible for the violation


    Division 4- Inspections and Maintenance of Systems

    Sec. 42-301. - Inspection and monitoring for compliance.

    City personnel shall be granted access for inspection of facilities discharging or suspected of discharging to the city's MS4 or waters of the United States in order to evaluate and investigate the potential for release of materials other than stormwater or potential violations of any of the terms of this article. All structures and processes which allow discharges to the city's MS4, as well as records concerning them, shall be made accessible to city personnel for monitoring of the quality of the discharges.

    Sec. 42-302. - Maintenance of control structures.

    Structural controls and BMPs used to reduce pollutants in stormwater discharges shall be operated and maintained so as to function in accordance with the permitted design or performance criteria in compliance with NPDES or other permit conditions. Operation and maintenance shall be done so as to ensure treatment of stormwater or reduction in pollutants in stormwater discharges consistent with appropriate federal, state, water management district, or local rules or permit requirements


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