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    City of DeLand

    Excerpt form DeLand Municipal Code

    Chapter 33 Land Development

    Article III- Development Design and Improvement Standards

    Sec. 33.93- Stormwater Management

    33-93.06. Stormwater management requirements.

    (a) Review and approval of structures and systems. The design of all stormwater management systems, water retention or detention structures and flow attenuation devices shall be reviewed for compliance with these regulations during the site plan or subdivision approval process. No design shall be approved unless it meets the standards contained in these regulations and all other applicable laws.

    (b) General standards for stormwater and stormwater systems. All stormwater management systems required by this section, shall comply with the following minimum standards:

    1. Best management practice. Stormwater runoff shall be subjected to best management practice prior to discharge into natural or artificial drainage systems.
    2. Miscellaneous development standards.

    33-93.09. Dedication or maintenance of stormwater management systems. The installed systems required by this section shall be maintained by the owner, except that the city commission may accept certain systems for maintenance after review and recommendation by the planning board. All areas and/or structures to be maintained by the city must be dedicated to the city by plat or separate instrument and accepted by the city commission. The systems to be maintained by the owner shall have adequate easements to permit the city to inspect and, if necessary, to take corrective action should the owner fail to maintain the system. Should the owner fail to properly maintain the system, the city shall give such owner written notice of the nature of the corrective action necessary. Should the owner fail to take or to commence taking the necessary corrective action within 30 days of the date of the notice, the city may enter the property, take corrective action and place a lien on the property of the owner for the costs of the corrective action.


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