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    City of Fort Lauderdale

    Excerpt from Fort Lauderdale Municipal Code

    Chapter 28- Article IV- Stormwater Management Program

    Sec. 28-200.3. - Assessment roll.

    (A) The city manager shall prepare a preliminary assessment roll that contains the following information:

    (1) A summary description of each parcel of property (conforming to the description contained on the tax roll) subject to the assessment;

    (2) The name of the owner of record of each parcel, as shown on the tax roll;

    (3) The number of assessment units attributable to each parcel;

    (4) The estimated maximum annual assessment to become due in any fiscal year for each assessment unit; and

    (5) The estimated maximum annual assessment to become due in any fiscal year for each parcel.


    City of Fort Lauderdale Stormwater Management

    Proactive Catch Basin Inspections and Maintenance

    The scheduled Stormwater Maintenance Program provides for each storm drain to be inspected twice annually in accordance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) guidelines, as set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


    A properly maintained swale helps prevent stormwater pollution flooding. Swales are designed to collect rainwater, filter pollutants, control flooding, prevent erosion, and provide a drainage area for stormwater. The following information will assist you with ensuring your swale area manages stormwater runoff efficiently.

    • Mow and maintain swale areas to promote healthy grass growth.
    • Minimize the use of lawn and garden chemicals.
    • Avoid over watering the swale area. If water is standing in the swale when it has not rained, reduce irrigation.
    • Keep swales free of litter, branches, leaves and limbs so water can soak into the ground.
    • Avoid parking cars on swales. This compacts the soil and prevents stormwater from soaking into the ground.
    • Swales located in or partially in the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Right of Way may not be altered by regrading or filling with concrete, rock, dirt, landscaping, trees or anything other than grass unless a City permit has been obtained.
    • Altering a swale may disrupt its natural drainage features, causing flooding and stormwater pollution.


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