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    City of Lumberton

    Excerpt from Lumberton Municipal Code

    Chapter 24 Stormwater Services

    Sec. 24-1 Findings and Purpose

    The city council of the City of Lumberton makes the following findings:

    (1) Stormwater poses a serious threat to the public health, safety, and welfare. This threat cannot be eliminated entirely. Factors affecting this threat which are beyond the city's control include: frequency and intensity of precipitation; the topography in and around the city; the types of soils and other geologic structures found in and around the city; body of law established under state and federal authority concerning water rights generally and including but not limited to navigable and non-navigable waters, surface waters, and underground waters; unauthorized interference with the city's stormwater drainage system; and the amount of impervious surfaces associated with a reasonable level of development.

    (2) The management of stormwater can reduce this threat through:

    a. Constructing, operating and maintaining needed facilities; and

    b. Regulating and controlling the use and development of land to reduce the adverse effects of stormwater.


    a. In order to provide an effective and long-term approach to stormwater management, an adequate funding source must be identified.

    b. Equitable and adequate funding is provided by a system of charges that is related to the volume and quality of stormwater runoff from developed land.


    Sec 24-3- Stormwater Service Rate Schedules

    (a) The monthly charges for city stormwater services shall be based on the ratio of impervious surfaces on a given parcel or lot. The rate schedule for city stormwater services shall be in the amounts written in the adopted annual budget ordinance. The different types of rates are listed as follows:



    Small non-residential.

    Medium non-residential.

    Large non-residential.

    Major non-residential.

    (b) The fees listed in the rate schedule for stormwater services shall be billed and collected on a monthly basis, beginning on the first day of the month following the adoption of the ordinance adopting this chapter.


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