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    City of Madison

    Excerpt from City of Madison Municipal Code

    Chapter 37- The Public Stormwater System Including Erosion Control

    37.05- The Public Stormwater System

    In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public, the Common Council hereby exercises its authority to establish a stormwater utility and establish the rates for stormwater management services. Nothing in the foregoing shall affect the determination of the Common Council to provide for the payment of designated initial capital expenses for system improvements by other necessary and convenient means.

    The maintenance of the private storm sewer, storm building sewer, and/or best management practices shall be the responsibility of the property owner on whose property they exist. Every private storm sewer, storm building sewer, and best management practice shall be properly installed in accordance with the plans approved by City Engineering and shall be maintained in good working condition, free from defects, leaks and obstructions, and in accord with the maintenance agreement recorded against the property, if applicable.

    Any property owner required to have a Best Management Practice or a maintenance agreement on the property shall submit to the City Engineer an annual report reviewing the condition of that practice and the maintenance performed during the past calendar year. This report shall be submitted by June 1 and be sealed by a Professional Engineer currently licensed in the State of Wisconsin.

    37.09- Stormwater Management Plan Requirements

    (1) Stormwater Management Plan Required .

    (a) Every applicant for a stormwater management permit shall submit a plan documenting the system(s) and measures proposed to control stormwater runoff from the site. Included in this stormwater management plan shall be a completed standard stormwater management summary template.

    (2) Plan Contents. Stormwater plans shall satisfy all of the requirements in this section and shall provide the following information

    (a) The summary template required in above, and a narrative describing the proposed project, including implementation schedule for planned practices;

    (b) Identification of the entity responsible for long-term maintenance of the project;

    (c) A topographic map of the site location, including the contiguous properties, existing drainage patterns and watercourses affected by the proposed development of the site and the existing vegetative cover;

    (d) A map showing drainage areas for each watershed area;

    (e) A summary of runoff peak flow rate calculations, by watershed area, including all of the following:

    1. Pre-existing peak flow rates;
    2. Post-construction peak flow rates with no detention;
    3. Post-construction peak flow rates with detention:
    4. Estimated runoff curve numbers (RCNs). For pre-development and post-development conditions, RCNs shall be consistent with the following:
      1. Pre-development RCNs shall be considered to be a maximum of Hydrologic Soil Group B.
      2. Post-development RCNs shall be considered to be a minimum of Hydrologic Soil Group C unless methods are taken to reduce compaction of the site. Approval of the proposed compact mitigation methods are at the discretion of the Administrative Authority and, if approved, shall require documentation by a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin.

    Stormwater Management Goals 

    (a)For existing development, implement practices to reduce by twenty percent (20%) the anticipated total suspended solids entering waters of the state, as compared to no controls, by March 10, 2007 and a forty percent (40%) reduction by March 10, 2011. This as designed/modeled standard will be met on a municipality wide basis. In the event that the majority of the communities in the Madison Lakes watershed fail to adopt similar provisions, then the requirements of this section shall revert to those contained in Wis. Admin. Code ch. NR 151.13(2).


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