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    City of Missoula

    Excerpts from Stormwater Ordinance 3580 Chapter 13-27

    13.27.300 Requirement to Control and Reduce Storm Water Pollutants

    A. The City’s Storm Water Management Plan and Storm Water Specifications and Design Standards outline appropriate BMPs to control the volume, rate, and potential of pollutants in storm water runoff from new development and redevelopment projects as may be appropriate to minimize the generation, transport, and discharge of pollutants.

    B. Any owner or operator engaged in activities or operations which will or may result in pollutants entering storm water, the MS4, or state waters shall implement BMPs to the maximum extent practicable to provide protection from discharge into the MS4. BMPs shall be provided and maintained at the owner or operator’s expense. The Public Works Director shall have the authority to require the installation, operation, maintenance, and/or replacement of BMPs as well as the authority to order the removal of temporary BMPs.

    13.27.310 Requirement to Monitor and Analyze

    The City may require any owner or operator engaged in any activity or owning or operating any facility which may cause or contribute to storm water pollution, illicit discharges, or non-­stormwater discharges to the MS4 or state waters to undertake, at the owner or operator’s expense, monitoring and analysis by a state certified laboratory pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and furnish those reports to the Public Works Department as deemed necessary to determine compliance with this chapter as well as the Storm Water Specifications and Design Standards


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