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    City of Orem

    City of Orem Storm Water Management Plan 2021-2026

    LTM-1: City of Orem Ordinances

    City of Orem ordinances include code about the use of BMPs needed to protect water quality on all new development and re-development sites within the City of Orem. These City ordinances govern the selection, design, installation, operation and maintenance of long term/post-construction BMPs. It encourages the use of non-structural BMPs by reference to a City approved BMP manual. It also encourages the use of a Low Impact Development (LID) approach for handling storm water. It requires documentation of the green infrastructure and other BMPs considered and the reasons for choosing the practices or explanations of what prevents the use of green infrastructure and LID for each development or re-development project. Ordinance also requires annual inspection and maintenance of long term storm water management structures as needed and provides provision for maintenance agreements so that property owners can be held to account for keeping BMPs in good working order.

    Selecting specific long-term storm water for recommendation has been a challenge due to the lack of data on the effectiveness and pollutants removal rates from studies that have been completed in Utah. The City of Orem has chosen to rely on the data contained in Salt Lake County’s BMP manuals found on the Salt Lake County Pubic Works - Engineering page.

    The International Storm Water BMP Database, and the EPA factsheet are additional resources which can be found on the EPA's National Menu of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Stormwater page.

    The preceding web sites list expected removal rates from a variety of BMPs and the technical basis and studies which supports these performance claims. In order to protect the receiving water bodies, design BMPs for new or redeveloped sites are required. Developers must design BMPs to treat storm water with a goal of reducing pollutants in the receiving water bodies. BMPs should address removal of phosphorous, total suspended solids, and other target pollutants. Proposed BMPs will be evaluated by City staff to verify selected BMPs are addressing pollutant removal.


    Orem Long Term Storm Water Management Plan Template

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    Orem Stormwater Management Plan (2021- 2026)