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    City of Pembroke Pines

    Drainage Re-Certification (O&M) Permits

    The Operation and Maintenance Permit (O & M Permit) for all surface water management systems on properties located within SBDD boundaries shall be renewed every five (5) years.

    The following procedures shall be followed by the property owner and Engineer in completing the 5-year drainage recertification:

    • The Engineer shall obtain all relevant information on the existing drainage system, including, but not limited to, the approved as-built drawings.
    • The Engineer shall review the existing drainage information and familiarize himself/herself on the original design and intent of the system.
    • The Engineer shall perform a site inspection of the entire drainage system and determine what, if any, maintenance and repair work is required in order to re-certify the drainage system in accordance with the Engineer’s Certification Form.
    • The property owner shall coordinate, as necessary, to complete all of the required maintenance and repair work as denoted by the Engineer.  Where required by SBDD or the local municipality, the work shall be performed by a licensed Contractor.
    • The Engineer shall perform a follow-up inspection to verify that all of the required maintenance and repair work has been completed.
    • The Engineer shall submit the Engineer’s Certification Form and permit fees to SBDD and shall schedule a final inspection with SBDD for the 5-Year Drainage Re-Certification.
    • Upon completion of all outstanding items and acceptance by SBDD, SBDD shall issue the Operations and Maintenance Permit.


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