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    City of Salt Lake City



    New development and redevelopment areas can impact storm water quality because of increased runoff and resulting higher flow velocities. The Long-Term Storm Water Management in New Development and Redevelopment Program addresses post construction storm water runoff to the MS4 from new development and redevelopment construction sites disturbing greater than or equal to one acre, including projects less than one acre that are part of a common plan of development or sale with the intent to control flow and improve water quality by requiring post construction storm water controls to limit the discharge rate to mirror the pre-development hydrology of the previously undeveloped site.


    Salt Lake City will address long-term storm water management in accordance with the Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control Program by employing the following major components:

    • an ordinance and other regulatory mechanisms requiring post-construction controls ( &
    • plan review for new development and redevelopment sites, with requirements for detention, retention, and use of GI and LID practices, where able (
    • an inspection and enforcement program to ensure proper installation and ongoing maintenance, which includes an incentive program for proper maintenance ( &
    • an inventory and mapping of post-construction storm water controls (
    • and a training program for applicable personnel (

    Progress towards measurable goals will be detailed in the Annual Report.


    Objective: Inspect long-term storm water management measures to ensure adequate long-term operation and maintenance.

    Description: Continue to inspect post-construction storm water management measures, enforce against violations of ordinance, and implementation of SOPs. The following BMPs and procedures have been designed to meet 2021 Permit requirements for this program component, and will continue to be implemented

    Permit Requirement: Part,,,,, & – Long-term Stormwater Management in New Development and Redevelopment


    Long-term Storm Water Management Inspections (Permit Requirement,,, & The City shall continue to inspect all applicable permanent structural BMPs at least once during installation and once after completion, then once every five years thereafter. Inspections and records will continue to be documented and maintained. Inspections shall include the following documentation:

    • Inspection Date
    • Name and signature of inspector
    • Project location
    • Current owner information
    • A description of the condition of the storm water control measure including the quality of: vegetation and soils; inlet and outlet channel structures; catch basins; spillways; weirs, and
      other control structures; and sediment and debris accumulation in storage as well as in and around inlet and outlet structures; and
    • Specific maintenance issues or violations found that need to be corrected by the property owner or operator along with deadlines and reinspection dates.

    Ordinance Provision for Inspections on Private Property (Permit Requirement, Title 17, Chapter 17.84.500 – Inspection Right of Entry, grants legal authority for the City to be
    allowed access to applicable sites during construction and post-construction phases for inspections of long-term storm water BMPs as outlined in the ordinance.

    Long-Term Storm Water Management Enforcement (Permit Requirement,,, & Title 17, Chapter 17.87, addresses violations in the ordinance to
    any long-storm water management issues that may adversely affect storm water quality. Enforcement of violations may also include the removal of any storm water impact fee discount the owner/operator may be receiving as part of the post-construction incentive program.

    Inspection and Enforcement SOPs (Permit Requirement Salt Lake City will continue to revise and implement an SOP that details the inspection and enforcement process for Long-Term
    Storm Water Management.


    Objective: Maintain an inventory of post-construction structural storm water control measures.
    Permit Requirement: Part, & – Long-term Storm water Management in New Development and Redevelopment
    Description: Salt Lake City will continue to maintain an inventory of all public and private long-term storm water control measures installed and implemented at sites that disturb greater than or equal to 1- acre, including projects less than 1-acre that are part of a common plan of development or sale disturbing at least 1-acre of land. The City will update this inventory as necessary, per inspections. The inventory will include the following information:
    • Project name;
    • Owner name and contact information;
    • Location;
    • Start and end date;
    • Description of each storm water control measure/BMP (type, number, design or performance specifications);
    • Description of inspection and maintenance requirements (frequency of required maintenance and inspections); and
    • Inspection information (date, findings, follow-up activities, prioritization of follow-up activities, compliance status).


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