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    City of Sandy

    Sandy’s Storm Water Management Program

    Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Requirements The Utah Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regulates storm water discharges in Utah using the Utah Pollution Discharge Elimination System (UPDES) program. As required with this program, Sandy City (the City) manages storm water from the City using the Sandy City Storm Water Management Program (SWMP). Local regulations have been enacted as part of the City’s SWMP to meet the UPDES requirements. These local regulations and also the requirements of the UPDES Construction General Permit UTRC00000 (CGP)and UPDES Common Plan Permit UTRH00000 must be met for all work within Sandy City.

    The BMPs that are to be used may be self-designed, provided by vendors, or based on details found online. It is expected that the selected BMPs will comply with regulations and will be installed as they are specified in the SWPPP. There are numerous online resources for BMPs and vendors who provide BMP products and services. BMPs should be selected that will be effective but also practical to install and maintain. BMP guidance information can be found on the Sandy City Storm Water website.

    BMP long-term maintenance and inspection information is referred to the Utah Division of Environmental Quality.  A post-construction maintenance plan must be filed.


    Sandy Post-Construction Storm Water Maintenance Plan (PCMP) and Agreement (PCMA)

    Sandy’s Storm Water Website

    Sandy Stormwater Ordinance