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    City of West Palm Beach

    Excerpt from West Palm Beach Municipal Code

    Article V.- Stormwater Pollution Prevention

    Sec. 90-203. - Prohibited discharges; illicit connections.

    (a) General prohibition. Except as provided in section 90-205, and except pursuant to a valid NPDES permit, it shall be unlawful for any person to directly or indirectly deposit, discharge, spill, or dump into any of the public waters or municipal separate storm sewer system within the city, any substance other than that composed entirely of stormwater.

    (b) Site of industrial activity. Except as provided in section 90-205, any direct or indirect discharge from a site of industrial activity to the separate storm sewer system owned by the city which does not comply with, or is not pursuant to, a valid NPDES permit is prohibited.

    (c) Illicit connections. No person may maintain, use or establish any direct or indirect connection to the stormwater system that results in any discharge in violation of this article. This prohibition is retroactive and applies to connections made in the past, regardless of whether made under a permit, or other authorization, or whether permissible under laws or practices applicable or prevailing at the time the connection was made.

    Sec. 90-206. - Monitoring and sampling; inspections.

    An authorized official may make a lawful entry onto any property to establish devices necessary to conduct sampling or metering of discharges to the stormwater system and to conduct inspections to determine compliance with this article. The director or his designee, may require any person engaging in any activity which directly or indirectly affects the stormwater system, to undertake reasonable monitoring of any discharge to the stormwater system and to provide periodic reports to the director regarding such monitoring.

    Sec. 90-207. - Enforcement; penalties.

    (a) If the director or an authorized official determines that a discharge in violation of this article is occurring or has occurred, the director or authorized official may order the immediate cessation of such improper discharge.

    (b) The provisions of this article may be enforced through any remedy available to the city in law or in equity, including injunctive relief. The city shall recover its court costs and a reasonable attorney's fee in any legal proceedings commenced to enforce this article.

    (c) Failure to comply with the requirements of this article shall constitute a violation of this article. Such violations shall, upon conviction, be punished as provided for in section 1-13.


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