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    City of West Valley City

    4.2.5 Long‐Term Storm Water Management in New Development and Redevelopment

    West Valley City implements a program that requires new developments and redeveloped sites, meeting the thresholds stated in the permit to address post-construction runoff. Post Construction Controls

    West Valley City Engineering Standards outline procedures for specific BMP selection, design, installation, operation, and maintenance requirements to meet the minimum performance measures. BMPs are selected to address pollutants discharged or anticipated to be discharged from each individual site. 

    • New Development/Redevelopment Non-Structural BMPs
    • Retention Requirement
    • Low Impact Development Approach
    • Rainwater Harvesting
    • Feasibility Long‐Term Stormwater Ordinances and Enforcement Strategy

    West Valley City requires long-term post-construction storm water controls be installed on new or redevelopment sites, meeting the one-acre threshold discussed in the MS4 permit. The ordinance requires BMP selection, design, installation, operation, and maintenance with the objective of protecting water quality and reducing the discharge of pollutants. When violations to the ordinance occur, the Escalating Enforcement procedures found in Appendix G are followed to regain compliance. These procedures may include citations, fees and/or requirements to correct deficiencies. West Valley City Code, Sections 18-9-113 through 18-9-116 and Sections 10-2 through 10-4 authorizes the use of these enforcement strategies.

    • Sanctions for Violations:  Steps to impose sanctions against violations of the West Valley City Code are found in the Escalating Enforcement Procedures located in Appendix G. These steps range from verbal warnings to civil, criminal, and/or other legal remedies to bring a violation into compliance. Recalcitrant or chronic violators of city code will have imposed escalating fines and/or other legal remedies until compliance is achieved.
    • BMP Selection: Part 4 of the Engineering Standards require new development and redevelopment projects to submit a drainage report. A requirement of the drainage report is to address how water quality is protected and how pollutant discharge to the MS4 is reduced.
      Long-term BMPs are inspected by the city in an annual inspection. SOPs for the inspection of long-term BMPs are found in the appendix to this document.
    • Long Term Management Permit Inspection Access: Long Term Storm Water Management Permits are issued by West Valley City for new and redeveloped sites. Language in the issued permits and city ordinance gives West Valley City Inspectors the authority to inspect the storm drain infrastructure on private property.
    • Permanent Structural BMP Inspection During Installation: The assigned city inspector will verify, through inspection, at least once before closing out a construction permit, that long-term BMP’s were constructed as designed.
    • Inspection of Long-Term BMPs: Inspections of long-term BMP’s constructed on sites with a Long-Term Storm Water Management Permit are conducted at least every other year (normally annually). Inspections are completed in Cityworks. Escalating enforcement procedures (included in Appendix G of this SWMP) are used to ensure enforcement of the Long-Term Storm Water Management Permit ma Post‐Construction Inventory

    An inventory is maintained of all post-construction structural storm water control measures installed and implemented at new development and redevelopment sites that disturb greater than or equal to one acre, including projects less than one acre that are part of a larger common plan of development or sale which collectively disturbs land greater than or equal to one acre. This inventory includes both public sites and private sector sites.


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