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    State of Washington (Eastern)

    "Ecology’s Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington was originally published in 1992 and updated in August 2001.  Ecology initially proposed to update it to cover the entire state of Washington. Eastern Washington representatives requested that Ecology instead create a separate manual for the eastern portion of the state.

    Based upon these requests and upon recognition of the significantly different climate, hydrology and geology of eastern Washington, Ecology agreed to develope the Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington to address the significant differences in conditions that affect stormwater compared to western Washington.

    Discussions at various conferences, meetings and forums to determine the best method to accomplish this effort. A chartering meeting was held in June 2001 to formalize the structure and process for preparing the Manual for eastern Washington. The meeting was attended by more than 70 representatives of 17 cities, 11 counties and 5 federal and state agencies with interests in stormwater management in eastern Washington.

    The chartering meeting established a ten-person Steering Committee with several alternate members to lead the overall effort; it also created two Subcommittees: one for leading the preparation of the Technical Stormwater Manual, and another for leading the preparation of a Model Municipal Stormwater Program. Ecology agreed to fund the hiring of a consultant team to support the development and preparation of the documents and to assist the Steering Committee and Subcommittees with meeting coordination, public involvement and related project tasks. Proposals were received by four consultant teams in October 2001; the Steering Committee selected the team lead by Tetra Tech/KCM of Spokane.

    A project kick-off meeting was held on November 7, 2001 with members of the Steering Committee, Ecology, and the consultant team. The scope of work for the project and a proposed production schedule were prepared; a budget was prepared and the work began. A stakeholder workshop was held on November 29, 2001 to inform interested parties about the project efforts, the regulatory requirements, the schedule for meetings, and the document production format. After the introductory sessions, concurrent meetings of the Subcommittees were held to begin the development of the Manual and the Model Program. Meetings were held at least once per month to review drafts and updates for each chapter of each document. Periodic presentations were made to address special stormwater management issues. These efforts resulted in draft documents being submitted for public review in fall 2002.

    Following the public comment period, the subcommittees reviewed all of the comments received on both of the documents and agreed to minor revisions to the Model Program and substantive revisions to the Manual. The Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington (2004) is the result of the subcommittee’s final review of those comments."


    Stormwater Management for Eastern Washington (2019)