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    HVAC Cleaning

    AQUALIS provides comprehensive HVAC Air Duct Cleaning services for commercial, industrial, healthcare, multi-family housing, schools and marine vessels. AQUALIS is a leading NADCA Member air duct cleaning service provider for the greater Seattle area since 1954, previously known as Innovac and Howie’s Power Vac.


    Air ducts naturally accumulate dust and particulates overtime: especially during construction activities inside a building. Our professional and experienced team will work with you to offer thorough cleaning solutions specifically for your facility’s air handling system and issues that may arise.

    We remediate systems contaminated with mold, water, fire and pests. AQUALIS is the leading service provider to clean dryer vents, laundry exhausts, as well as industrial boilers and exhausts.

    HVAC Systems should be regularly inspected to ensure full functionality. Dust, bacteria and allergens can accumulate inside your vents, shrinking the capacity. Regularly cleaning these systems ensures allergens and dust are eliminated, purifying your air.

    Benefits of Cleaning Your Air System

    • Increased capacity and efficiency of your system
    • Purified air clean from dust and allergens
    • Odor removal as bacteria is eliminated

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